Top 6 Best Pedestal Sump Pumps

By Floor Advisor Team

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Are you absolutely annoyed with the problem of waterlogging and dampened floors and walls? Then you definitely need to take a look at the basement because your basement might have been flooded with water. In case this happens, you need to install a pedestal sump pump as quickly as possible.

What is a pedestal Pump and Why is it needed?

Around the globe, numerous people stay close to or immersed in the water table level, and they easily find their basement water clogged or dampened. This is the exact reason why pedestal pumps come in use so that any expensive water damage can be avoided, and you can save a lot of time and money as well.

In general, there are two types of sump pumps, namely- the pedestal and the submersible sump pumps. Out of the two, pedestal pumps are the ones that come in two different components- the all-in-one motor, and a hose that is installed in it.

These are more durable than the submersible pumps and are relatively lesser-priced at the same time. This kind of sump pump can only be used in case there is a narrow-mouthed pit. Also, you will be able to gain better access to it, and therefore handling it becomes a lot easier.

Best Pedestal Sump Pumps Reviewed

Now without wasting much time let’s check out the best pedestal sump pumps and we will review some of the best pedestal pumps and we will try our best to tell you about these pumps in a detailed manner by telling about their features, pros, and cons and final verdict.

1. Superior Pump 92551 ½ HP

(Cast Iron Pedestal Pump)

If having a non-corrosive pump is your priority, then you should definitely take a look at the Superior Pump 92551 model because it has been crafted out of stainless steel and its base has been perfected out of cast iron.

Even the impeller, float ball,  and driveshaft have been made out of steel, and it has the tenacity to handle liquids till180 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comprises a metal switch arm so that the product becomes more long-lasting and hardy.

In case you have wide-necked sump basins which are 12 inches in diameter or even more, then this is the most appropriate pump.

It gives a super capacity pumping which is the reason why it can give 1- ½ discharge.

  • Cast iron and steel material- which does let the material get corroded
  • Installation is easy
  • Handling the product is easy
  • The costing is a bit high as compared to others


This is one of the most efficient products that you can ever come across and its easy installation as well as durability makes it an amazing device to be bought.

2. Superior Pump 92333 ⅓ HP

(Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump)

Created totally out of cast iron, this is an anti-corrosive product that helps in making the body absolutely durable.

It is a superior quality pedestal pump, which has been designed to move to 3000 gallons per hour, which is accompanied by a maximum head of 20 ft.

The unique factor of this product is that it has a thermoplastic construction which means that it is capable of sustaining high-temperature changes- therefore is one of the best pumps for homes located in extreme temperatures- hot or cold.

Even the impeller, as well as the shaft, has been designed to be absolutely anti-corrosive so that once you install this product, you do not have to look back at all.

It has a discharge rate of 1-¼ inch NPT and every trivial component of the product has been tried and tested- as well as marked ok by the factory experts.

  • High quality pedestal pumps
  • Tested by experts
  • Anti corrosive by nature
  • Adjustable automatic switch
  • In rare cases, the shaft might not work great
  • Debris might not be cleared correctly


If you want a high-powered pedestal pump, then you have to make sure that you buy this model right away. It is feasible as well as easily handled at the same time.

3. ECO-FLO Products EPC50

(Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch)

It is one of the best-designed sump pumps by professionals which comprises an automatic adjustable switch for easy handling of the device.

It has the capacity to clear clogging of solids that have the dimension of ⅜ inch and also has the potential to go for 1-½ inch FNPT discharge.

The float switch is top-mounted which makes sure of the fact that you can get easy access to the device and do not have to step into the water.

Along with the product, there is a very easy user guide given with detailed clarifications so that you do not have to worry in case you encounter any problems in installing the device or have further trouble.

You can even get to have the troubleshooting options there and also the warranty information.

  • Durable building of the device
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Superior service
  • We would have liked it better with more accessories


This product has been able to be ahead of the game when it comes to competing with other products. It has an ISO 9000 certification which makes it one of the best authentication.

4. Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 ⅓ HP

(Quality Pedestal Sump Pump)

This is one of the best pumps that have been brilliantly designed by the experts- so that it has the ability to replace any 1/3HP pump that might have pre-existed in your house.

It is a very well known product for its durability and that is because it has been built out of thermoplastic material.

Therefore even in high intensity heat and cold, the device would not get damaged in any way.

The impressive factor about it is that installing this product is even easier and that is the reason why you will be able to follow the user guide and handle it without any assistance.

It works efficiently in any sump basin that is 12 inches in diameter or even more, and has the power to work for 1- ¼ inch discharge. It consumes a power of 100 volts and is a product with good former reviews.

  • Switch is fully automated and adjustable
  • Durable by nature
  • The Airlock system needs to be checked time and again
  • It has a rattling noise which can be annoying


It is a very compatible pump and is competent with the other products as well. This is of high quality and is feasible for all. Also its extreme temperature resistance is definitely something to look forward to.

5. Zoeller 84- 0001 Old Faithful 84 Pedestal Pump

(Automated Sump Pump)

This device has been created out of high quality metal, and is split phase in nature. It is created out of thermal protected metal so that even in case of overloading, you will have no problems whatsoever.

Since this device has automated lubrication problems, then you will not have to think about the greasing process time and again.

It has the tenacity to go for 1-½ inch FPT discharge so that it has an adjustable 12-inch cycle as well. It has been set at the factory at 9 inches and the automation can be done easily.

You can use it on sump pumps which are maximum 16 inches in diameter and minimum 4 inches in diameter so it is indeed highly versatile.

It can help in passing small and large solids through it. It is also chemical resistant by nature which makes sure of the fact that it can give a smooth performance without any corrosion.

  • Resistance to chemical
  • Durable
  • Absolutely factory tested
  • A little bit noisier than the others


If you are looking for long lasting and quality built pedestal sump pump then this one is good choice. It is factory tested and resistance to chemical so it is a good choice.

6. Star 3CEH ⅓ HP Thermoplastic Column Pedestal Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch

(Budget-Friendly Pedestal Sump Pump)

This is a ⅓ inch pump that has been used for removing all sorts of clogging and comprises a multifaceted impeller as well.

It is accompanied by a very durable and hardy motor.

The motor is of high class and goes for 115V and 60 cycles. It has a capacity of going through 1725 rotations per minute.

It can fit easily into large pits of 12 inches in diameter and has the capability to pump 3000 Gallons per hour as well.

The switch is easily adjustable and it has a 1-¼ inch discharge pipe as well.

It also features a durable shaft that securely fits the impeller and a top suction strainer that filters out debris.

  • Easily installable
  • Easy to handle
  • Affordable
  • It can get noisy at times


This is one of the best pedestal pumps that you can get in the market and it has been tried and tested by none but the professionals.

Buyer’s Guide for Pedestal Pumps

When you look for pedestal pumps in the market, then you will get to find a number of options to choose from which might send you in a quandary.

But now all you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you check certain factors so that you can choose none but the best of the lot.

Design of the Pump

The first thing that you have to look forward to while buying a pump is to determine the kind of design that you want to have.

When you are thinking of having any pedestal pump, then make sure that you are choosing the manual one or the automatic one as per your needs and how you want it to be handled.

Just for your information, the manual ones are noisier than the automatic ones.

Switch quality of the pump

There are two different kinds of switches- the manual and the automatic. The switch that you will choose will definitely depend on the kind of operation that you need.

There are semi-automatic switches as well, and you just have to make your choice between electronic, diaphragm and float switch to handle your pump.

While the diaphragm switch uses the water pressure detection method to start and stop the pumping process, the electronic ones have special sensors.

Last but not least., the float switch is just adjacent to the pump and it works by detecting the level of water.

Horsepower of the device

The metric horsepower of the device will definitely play a major role in your choice of pedestal pumps. The ideal ones that you get to have in general is the ⅓ HP ones but you can even get higher and lower ones depending on the kind of flooding that occurs in the basement of your home.


It is advisable that for the residential areas you buy a device with up to 110V to 115V. But if it is meant for commercial areas, then you can go for 220V.

Rate of flow for the device

The flow rate is the frequency of your pump to get rid of the water from the basement of your house. This is basically measured by the term ‘Gallons per minute’.

The higher will be the flow, the bigger will be the pump size so make sure that you choose wisely. Now you can find compact pumps which can remove water quickly so you should definitely settle for one of those.

Length of the cord

Always choose a long cord that at least can go up to the nearest socket that you have so that you do not have to use another extension. The longer the cord, the better you can move around in places.

Head Pressure

Last but not the least, this is the final factor that you have to look forward to. Choose the pumps that have 10-16 feet lifting capacity so that the waterlogging can be eliminated within no time and there can be no dampening at all.

Final Words

We know that choosing the best pedestal sump pump can never be an easy task, especially when you have so many options to choose from. Therefore, it is for the best that you check out the aforementioned factors while buying the sump pumps from the online or offline market.

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