Best Touchless Stationary Vacuum For Home Use

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Usually, to clean the minimal dirt and dust, we use a broom and a dustpan and we all know about the struggle you need to put to pick up the dirt from the floor. No matter what or how hard you try to sweep, a thin line of dust and dirt will always be there.

To clean that line you need to use a wet sponge or damp paper towel, but it’s really irritating to do that every time. But don’t worry vacuum cleaning industry has come up with a really cool and effective way to get rid of this issue.

Stationary vacuum, you may not hear of it before so let me explain what it is. A stationary vacuum is a vacuum that can be placed in the corner of your room and this vacuum type is also known as an electric dustpan or automatic dustpan.

You can see this machine in barbershops and also many householders are also using this amazing machine these days. You don’t need a dustpan to pick the dirt.

As all you have to do is just broom the floor and take the dirt, debris, pet hairs, etc near the machine and it will suck all the debris inside and there will be no nothing left on the floor, not even the dirt line.

In hair salons, custom-built kitchens, and boutiques, touchless stationary vacuums are common because they are easy to afford and helps to clean easily.

Best Touchless Stationary Vacuum Cleaners

Best Touchless Stationary VacuumsWeightMotorFeaturesPrice
EyeVac PRO Touchless12 lbs.1400 WattHigh Efficiency Filtration
Bag-Less canister
Active infrared sensors
Current Price
EyeVac Pet Touchless14 lbs.1400 WattHigh Efficiency Filtration
Bagless Canister
Cyclonic vacuum action
Current Price
EyeVac Home Touchless9 lbs.1000 WattHigh-efficiency Filtration
Powerful Motor
Latest Infrared Technology
Current Price
Sweepovac Built-in
Kitchen Vacuum
4 Ounces650 WattEasily fitted in 30 minutes
Powerful Suction
Space Saving
Cleans Pet Hairs
Current Price
EyeVac EVPRO Tuxedo15 lbs.1400 WattLarge Bagless Canister
HEPA Pre-Motor Filter
Infrared Sensors
Current Price

1. EyeVac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum

eyevac home touchless vacuum

Now, this is the best stationary vacuum cleaner that you can use in your home or in commercial places. It helps you to clean hair salons, boutiques, hospitality, kitchens, and small businesses.

Not only that it can also grab pet hair, soil, dust from wooden floors, marble floors, or nylon flooring without any problem, and with its 1400W motor it generates powerful suction.

Eye-Vac EVPRO vacuum is easy to clean and maintain and comes with a bag-less canister. All you have to do is just remove the canister from the vacuum and open the lid and then you can drop all the dust and debris into the garbage.

It is high-efficiency dual filters make sure to remove the dust and dirt molecules and never let them enter the air again.

You can use this stationary vacuum cleaner in hair salons, offices or in home and best thing is it can handle pet hair, lost treats, feathers very well.

  • Ideal for commercial use.
  • 1400w motor.
  • Automatic Professional vacuum feature.
  • It generates noise as you activate it.

2. EyeVac Pet -Touchless Stationary Vacuum for Pet Hair

touchless vacuum

Here is another one from EyeVac which also comes with 1400 watt motor to generate powerful suction so that it can suck all the debris, dust, dirt and fur etc. that you want to clean.

Eyevac pet touchless vacuum cleaner is best for pet hair cleaning and it comes with a canister so there is no need to change the bags or spend your money. You can just remove the canister, remove the lid and dump the debris into the garbage and you are good to go.

It also comes with dual filtration and it cleans debris from both floor and from the air and prevents them from re-entering the air.

EyeVac Pet -Touchless Stationary Vacuum comes with Always on feature and it turns on automatically by sensing things with it’s infrared sensors. Also there is an indicator which lets you know when the canister is full.

  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Quick cleans.
  • High efficient exhaust filter.
  • Indicator Tells When You Need To Empty The Canister.
  • Infrared Sensor.
  • Easy to Empty Re-Usable Bag.
  • The installation part can be confusing to some.

3. EyeVac Home – Touchless Stationary Vacuum

electric dustpan

This one comes with 1000 watt motor and it is able to clean 100% of dirt and debris that you take near it. Just plug-in the stationary vacuum where you want to place it and then select the mode.

It comes with 2 modes, Auto and Manual. You can select any of these and in auto mode, it will automatically turn on itself, when it senses debris with its infrared sensors.

This touchless vacuum cleaner is best for parents and as well as for commercial use.

Eye Vac Home Touchless Vacuum is a bagless stationary vacuum and the capacity of the canister is 3.8 liters. This vacuum is able to pick anything like dust, dirt, pet hair, kitty litter, and other debris.

There is also an indicator which tells you when the canister is full and you need to empty it. So this one is another best stationary vacuum for home use.

  • 1000 Watt Motor.
  • High-efficiency Filtration.
  • Sleek design.
  • Can not be used through adopters.

4. Sweepovac Built-in Kitchen Vacuum

eyevac touchless vacuum

If you are thinking to install a stationary vacuum in your kitchen this one here is the best option for you. You just need to install in the lower place of your kitchen cabinets or any other good place and then you can start using it for cleaning debris from your kitchen without bending.

This in-wall kitchen also known as Toe-Kick Cabinet Vacuum and with this you can easily sweep and clean your entire kitchen.

The best thing about Sweepovac Built-in Kitchen Vacuum is it requires no space for installation it goes directly into the wall or cabinet and another good thing about this vacuum is it comes with a reusable bag.

Installing this vacuum is very easy and there is a switch on the vacuum which you can press by your toe and it will suck the debris and dust.

You can also use the extension hose which you need to buy separately to clean the things from above the floor or other areas.

So in short you will love this in-wall vacuum cleaner and it is best for kitchen.

  • Easy and Versatile Installation.
  • Simple to Use.
  • Easy to Empty Re-Usable Bag.
  • The installation part can be confusing to some.

5. EyeVac EVPRO Tuxedo Black Professional Touchless Vacuum Cleaner

hair salon vacuum

EyeVac Professional Touchless Vacuum Cleaner will help you to clean the hair salons and other similar areas easy. Just like other stationary vacuum you don’t need to use dust pans and bending to remove the dirt and debris.

Just sweep the floor and take the debris near the touchless vacuum and the infrared beam technology will be activated and pick the debris for you.

This touchless vacuum comes with 1400 watt motor and removes 100% of pet hair, human hair, dust, and debris, etc.

The best thing about this vacuum is it comes with 6.2 Liters canister so you can clean more and more without emptying the canister again and again.

It comes with HEPA Pre-Motor Filter and it will keep your motor clear of rubble. So this is another best option you can go for.

  • 1400 Watt vacuum motor.
  • 2L Large Bagless Canister.
  • Air clearing exhaust filter.
  • Can be a bit noisy when running.

Factors To Pick Best Stationary Vacuum

The list shared above contains the best picks and you can select any of these without any second thoughts. But still if you are not sure, then you can check the points below which makes a perfect stationary vacuum.

The Motor

First, you need to check about the motor in the vacuum. Check the motor watts, is it able to generate enough suction to pick all the debris? Can it pick pet hair and fur etc.? Can it pick large debris and kitty litter etc.?

Usually, 1000 watt motor is enough for picking these things. But you can pick a high-power one also. So, in short, the strongest motor you can find is the best for the stationary vacuum.

The Suction

Next, you need to check the suction power. Because this is what makes the best stationary vacuum, because if suction power is less, then no way the vacuum can pick up the debris and dust properly.

So have a look and see if the machine produces powerful suction. Usually cyclonic suction is what you need because it keeps the debris away from the motor and also prevents filter clogging.


Also, look at how you can control the vacuum. Most of the touchless vacuum comes with manual or automatic controls and some also have dials and some come with buttons.

In the list above there is a toe-kick vacuum that requires you to press the button in order to run. So the best option is if the vacuum can turn itself on automatically.

The stationary vacuum comes with infrared sensors, as soon as they sense the dirt and debris they turn on and start sucking. So that’s really good and also check if the vacuum comes with indicator lights, so that it can tell you when the canister is full.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

How Stationary Vacuum Works?

Stationary vacuum cleaners produce the suction just like a vacuum cleaner but still, they work like a dustpan. You need to sweep the floor as you usually do, but in the end, you simply push the dirt and debris towards the stationary vacuum.

When you do that the stationary vacuum turns on and sucks up the dirt and debris. You don’t need to bend and collect the dirt as you do with a dustpan. The vacuum will suck it up and then store that in its containment system.

Most of the touchless vacuum comes with infrared sensors which help the vacuum to automatically start when the senses the dirt and debris nearby.

What Are the Benefits of a Stationary Vacuum?

The main benefit of using a stationary vacuum is there is no need to bending or crouching, as you need to do while you clean with a dustpan and broom. You can clean the dirt and debris while standing and it will keep you from having back pain and aches.

Where I Can Set up My Stationary Vacuum?

Normally it depends on the style of the vacuum you are purchasing. If you are buying a free-standing stationary vacuum then you can install it in the corner of your room. But if you are buying an in-wall then you need to install that in the cabinet kick plate.

Who Can Buy Touchless Vacuums?

Touchless vacuums are not for salons only, but householders and office persons can use them too. Also, touchless vacuums don’t mean robotic vacuums. Stationary a.k.a touchless vacuums are completely different and you can see them in hair salons.

Usually, they are installed in the corners and whenever something comes near them they suck it up. So instead of using a dustpan and broom, you can just use the broom and touchless vacuum. It will help you to clean without bending. You can install them in the home or offices.

Why You Should Buy a Touchless Vacuum?

Because a touchless vacuum helps you to clean pet hair, human hair, dust, dirt, kitty litters, and other debris without bending and much effort.

If you live with pets and kids then you will find it very useful and when the pets will shed you will really thank touchless vacuum. Also, these vacuums help you to clean the floor without bending.

Final Words

Investing in a full-sized vacuum cleaner is not easy as a good vacuum cost you $$$$. But these stationary vacuums are easy to afford and also for removing the dirt and debris from the floor only it is really a good choice. We are sharing the best stationary vacuum cleaners here and the choice is completely yours.

You can check the buyer’s guide above and compare the products with each other, by comparing the features, pros, and cons, etc. Do share with others and if you are looking for budget-friendly vacuum cleaners then we have posted those as well.

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