5 Best Vacuum For Car Detailing – Buyer’s Guide

By Floor Advisor Team

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Investing in a vacuum for car detailing will make your life more easy and you can take care of your car in better way. Vacuum cleaner helps you to clean all those tight areas like seat corner and under the seat etc. with it’s powerful suction.

A good vacuum for car will help you to get the dirt out of every spot from your car and you can even clean the car carpets with it.

Mostly vacuum comes with attachments to use for the different type of cleaning like there is dusting brush, crevice tool and motorized tool with some vacuum cleaners which help you to clean in better way.

So it is good to research for a best vacuum for car detailing which comes with all the necessary features that you’ll need for car detailing.

Selecting the best out of so many vacuum can be difficult but here you will get a list of the best out of bests and you can pick the perfect one.

Check the Top Rated Car Vacuums For Detailing below and pick the one that suits you.

What Is Car Detailing?

When we perform a thorough cleaning, restoration and finishing of a motor vehicle which helps our vehicle to look cleaner and polished called Car Detailing.

In this process we clean our from top to bottom, inside and outside. To do it in better it involves the use of specialized tools and after you detail a car, it start looking like the new one almost like you bought a brand-new car.

Car detailing help you to remove all the dirt, stains and other nasty stuff that affect the appearance, of your car. So it’s good to do car detailing after sometime.

Difference Between Car Wash vs. Car Detailing?

Car wash and car detailing is completely different from each other but change is unrecognizable. Car wash will clean your from outside and on the other hand car detailing focus on both exterior and interior.

Car wash use rotating brushes and it’s cheaper and faster to get car cleaned from outside. But car detailing requires special tools to get both inside and outside area covered.

In simple words Car Wash remove the dirt from outer body and on the other hand car detailing take care of every part of your car and makes your car look like a new one.

Best Vacuum For Car Detailing

After researching a lot and checking all the reviews by other customers we made a list of the best car vacuums that you can use for detailing.

Let’s check:-

1. VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum

car vacuum

First we would like to recommend this powerful wall mounted garage and car vacuum. Which is best for both residential & commercial usage.

You can clean garages, vehicles, auto detail, workshops, utility rooms, & basements with Vacumaid GV50PRO wall mounted vacuum.

It comes with wall mounting kit which allows the vacuum to be installed on the wall easily without any plumbing. Just attach the hanger bracket to the stud, slide the vacuum onto the wall, plug it in and you are ready to clean.

Best thing about this vacuum is it comes with sealed HEPA bag which are disposable and it comes with 120 volt POWERFUL AMETEK LAMB MOTOR.

You can use this vacuum for car detailing and it will provide you good suction power and accessibility to clean your car in proper manner.

With it’s 50 foot. long crush free hose you can reach to every corner of your car. Also Vacumaid GV50PRO come with attachments which are 12” floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, telescopic wand and a curved wand.

These attachments are really useful and you can use them to clean your car perfectly and it’s really hard for the dirt to stay hidden after using this vacuum.

It’s 7 gallon of dirt capacity allows you to clean for longer time and HEPA filtration will trap 99.98% of the harmful particles that are 0.3 microns.

So VacuMaid Garage Vac 50 Pro Wall Mounted Vacuum is really good vacuum for car detailing that you can buy and even you can clean your garage floor and other above floor areas with this vacuum.

  • Long Hose
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Good Suction
  • Useful Attachments
  • Dust Capacity
  • Quiet
  • Expensive

2. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Vacuum

car vacuum cleaner

Next we have in our list is a best portable spot cleaner which is BISSELL 3624 which is best for seat cleaning and carpets.

This one is simple and well made and comes with sturdy design to clean the carpets and car seats easily.

BISSELL 3624 Spot Cleaner use the water+cleaning formula to loosen the embedded dirt and then it’s powerful suction suck up everything.

This vacuum cleaner is best when it comes to clean carpet and fabric made items. You will be amazed by it’s perform and it’s ability to clean the stains.

Just spray the water and cleaning formula on to the stain and then with the suction tool vacuum will suck up everything and there will be no stain left.

To spray the formula there is a button, where the tool and hose get attached. So it is very easy to do that.

BISSELL 3624 cleaner comes with two tank technology one contains the mixture of clean water + cleaning formula and in the second tank the dirty water is stored.

The capacity of the dirt tank is near around 2.8 liters which is very good. It comes with long power cord which is 22 ft. in length so there is no problem.

The weight of this vacuum is 13 lbs. and you are getting 2 tools with this vacuum which are 3 inches Tough Stain Tool and 6 inches Stair Tool.

You can use the tough stain tool for cleaning the stains from carpets, car seats or sofa, couches etc. and stair tool is best for cleaning stairs.

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Good Dirt Capacity
  • Comes With Cleaning Solution
  • Long Cord
  • Best For Carpet and Spot Cleaning
  • Not Quiet
  • Hose Length Is Short only 5 Foot

3. Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum/Blower

best car vacuum cleaner

Here is another wall mount vacuum cleaner in our list which is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Wall mount vacuum helps you to free floor space and comes long hose to reach everywhere.

BISSELL 18P03 garage pro vacuum comes with 32 ft. long hose and 4 gallon of water dirt tank capacity.

This amazing vacuum cleaner is able to clean both wet and dry debris and you can any spill from the ground and dirt etc. with this powerful vacuum.

Best thing about this vacuum is you can convert it in to a blower and blow the debris from garage or workshop etc like leaves.

It comes with 12 amp motor which provides powerful suction to suck up all kind of debris.

Also there are indicators on the vacuum that tells you when the tank are filled, so you can empty them on time. Another good thing about this vacuum is it comes with 7 different attachments that are best for car detailing.

You are getting (2) extension wand, Large area cleaning tool, Multi surface cleaning tool, Crevice tool, Dusting brush, 3 inches Precision suction tool, Precision blow tool and (3) Small, medium and large detailing tools.

So this is really good vacuum to invest your money in for car detailing. You can clean car seats, under the seats, into the tight spaces, corners etc. very easily with the help of attachments and it’s powerful suction.

  • Long Hose
  • 7 Different Attachments
  • HEPA Filters
  • LED Indicators
  • Powerful Suction
  • Wet & Dry Vacuum
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Empty
  • Hose Holder Is Not Good
  • Hose Is Kind Of Cheap

4. Shark HV292 Rocket Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum

best portable vacuum

Shark is well known for it’s powerful vacuum and here we are sharing Shark Rocket Ultra Light which is a handheld vacuum. This best handheld vacuum provides full portability to use the vacuum everywhere.

It’s a corded vacuum cleaner so there is no need to worry about suction power, it will deliver full suction power and will help you to clean all kind of debris.

Shark HV292 comes with 15 ft. long power cord and it is very light in weight. It weighs only 3.7 lbs. and will never hurt your wrist.

It comes with washable filters and all the accessories comes with this vacuum are super useful for car detailing. You can use the 12 inch crevice tool to get the dirt out of those tight areas and corners etc.

There is a TruePet Motorized Brush which is best for tackling pet hairs from all kind of surfaces. Next there is Dusting Brush with this vacuum which is perfect when it comes to delicate cleaning anything.

Another good thing about Shark Rotator Ultra Light Vacuum is it comes with hose which is best for car detailing and you can just attach the tools on this hose and clean your car in better way.

You can attach the hose to the vacuum and crevice tool to hose and clean the tight spots easily. It’s 400 watt motor will create maximum suction to pick all the dirt and dust from your car.

  • Lightweight
  • Useful Attachments
  • Powerful Suction
  • Works Everywhere
  • Best For Pet Hair
  • No Suction Loss
  • Washable Filters
  • Short Cord
  • No Storage For Cord

5. BISSELL 19851 Multi Cordless Car Hand Vacuum

cordless car vacuum

Here is another Bissell vacuum in our which is best vacuum for car detailing. If you don’t like to handle cord behind you then this cordless vacuum is what you need.

BISSELL 19851 hand vacuum is a cordless hand vacuum which comes with 22V removable lithium ION battery. This cordless vacuum provides near around 15 minutes of run time.

Best thing about this vacuum is it’s weight it is only 3.9 pounds in weight and allows you to easily carry the vacuum everywhere.

This is the best cordless vacuum for car detailing as it comes with all the tools you need and there is no cord to disturb you while cleaning.

It comes with simple design and it’s attachments: Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Extension Wand With Duster, Flexible Built-in Extension Hose and a Motorized Brush Roll makes the cleaning more easy.

Dusting brush is very useful when it comes to clean the delicate things and there is a built-in extension hose which is 2 foot long and you can attach the tools on it for better performance.

There is dusting and crevice tool which helps you to clean the seat and under the seat and tight spots etc. easily. So it’s another great budget friendly vacuum which you can buy for car detailing.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Good Run Time
  • Removable Battery
  • Washable Filters and Dirt Cup
  • Useful Attachments
  • Strong Suction
  • Dust Cup Capacity is 0.4L So You May Need To Empty Over and Over Again

How To Properly Car Detailing With Vacuum Cleaner

No one can stop the dirt from entering you car but you can clean it with right equipment which is a vacuum cleaner. With a best vacuum for car detailing you can remove all the hidden dirt, dust, wrappers and other debris from your car easily. Check out the video below on how to properly vacuum your car with a car detailing vacuum.

Choosing The Best Vacuum For Car Detailing

Well no doubt the vacuum we shared above for car detailing are good and you can buy any one of them. But still there are some things which you need to consider before buying and maybe the points we are sharing here can help you to understand more.

So check the steps below on how to pick the best vacuum for car detailing. These are our basic suggestions which you can look for or ignore and you can also add your own in this list. But these are the some basic feature and things you may need while cleaning you car. Let check them.


First and most important thing is which you need to consider is what type of vacuum you need. There are basically 3 types of vacuum that are good for car detailing: Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Steam Vacuum Cleaners and Garage Vacuum Cleaners. Wet & Dry is the most using vacuum type for car detailing because it helps to suck all wet and dry debris.

You can just pick any of these or some people also like to use handheld vacuum cleaners but they are just for normal use. With these main 3 types you can vacuum your car in better way.

Motor Size

Now for picking the dirt and dust you need powerful suction so you need to pick the vacuum that comes with good motor. As we shared some best wet dry vac for car detailing still go for the vacuum that comes with atleast or bigger than 10 amps motor. It will provide you better performance and better service for long time.


Next main thing you need to check is attachments. Check what are the attachments available with the vacuum cleaner. As you can using the vacuum for car detailing, you need all different kind of attachments like: crevice tool, dusting brush, motorized pet hair tool etc.

Without attachments it’s hard to clean all of those tiny cracks and crevices, in between the seats, under the seats, and all along the dashboard are surfaces etc. It’s really hard to pick the dirt and dust from these areas with the vacuum cleaning head. But with a proper attachment/tool you can get into all these spots and remove all the debris.

So it’s must be one of your top priority to check what kind of attachments you are getting with the vacuum cleaner.

Wall Mount

Wall mount are the other best car detailing vacuum cleaners and if you are a professional car detailer or going to be a one then you need something powerful that can handle multiple automobiles easily.

A wall mount vacuum cleaner can be installed on the wall of your garage, so it will never cover any floor space. It comes with long hose like 30+ft. in length which allows you to go very far.

There is no problem like suction loss or less suction power and it also comes with attachments you need to clean automobile in perfect way. Also the dust capacity of a wall mount is very big so you don’t have to worry about that either.

So you can buy a wall mount vacuum for car detailing, but keep in mind these are meant for professional car vacuum cleaning not for the occasional cleaning but who cares you can use them if you want to.


If you are not buying a Wall Mount vacuum cleaner then next thing is you need to think about is weight of the vacuum cleaner. Many people love to buy handheld vacuum cleaner which is good in some ways as they are portable and easy to handle. But if you buy a heavy one then it will hurt your wrist and you can clean in proper way.

So you need to buy a vacuum cleaner that is light in weight and it will provide ease of use and you can handle the vacuum in better way. Also car detailing requires a lightweight vacuum cleaner because you are going to clean for a long time and with a heavy vacuum it’s very hard to do that.

Final Words

We tried our best to find these best vacuum for car detailing and we hope you are able to get a best car vacuum for yourself from this list.

These are really good vacuums which you can use for car cleaning and these will provide you really good help. You can check the things we said to check and it will help you to buy the best one.

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