7 Best Vacuum For Carpet Cleaning

By Floor Advisor Team

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No doubt Carpets makes our home beautiful but they also collect too much dirt. Which can be trapped inside the carpet for a long long time. Without using any proper tool you can not clean the carpet and remove that embedded dirt, stains, and dust.

To clean the carpets properly you need a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction. Which can suck ll the debris, dirt, and dust inside from the carpet.

Vacuuming carpet is very different from cleaning the hardwood, tile, concrete, or laminated floors. So to clean the carpets you need the best vacuum for carpets which specially designed to clean the carpets only.

Mostly simple methods and regular vacuums fail to help you to clean your carpet because of their limitations.

But by picking up the vacuum cleaner which is specially built for carpets, you can clean the floor easily. It will also help you to make your carpet looks new without any stains on it or dirt inside it.

Keeping your carpet clean and dirt free is really important because dirty carpets promote allergens and other harmful particles which makes affects your health.

So keeping the carpet clean will promote good health to your children and others who come to your house. As per the research and health reports, dust in carpets is one of the leading causes of asthma.

7 Best Carpet Vacuum Cleaners

Best Vacuum For Carpet

Best Vacuums For CarpetWeightTypeWarrantyPrice
Bissell Big Green48 lbs.Upright2 Years Current Price
Shark DuoClean APEX16 lbs.Upright7 Years Current Price
Dyson DC65 Animal27.1 lbs.Upright5 Years Current Price
Miele Complete C320 lbs.Canister3 Years Current Price
Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum10.5 lbs.Upright5 Years Motor
1 Year Parts
Current Price
Miele Compact C114.8 lbs.Canister2 Years Current Price
iRobot Roomba 8808.4 lbs.Robotic1 Year Current Price

Now if you’ve made your mind to buy a vacuum for carpet then you can go with an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister-type vacuum cleaner.
All you need a vacuum with powerful suction and these two types of vacuum comes with really good suction power.

For ease and powerful suction, you can always select the Upright Vacuums. Because you can clean the carpet in standing position and there is no need to bend while cleaning.

Upright vacuums come with good dust cup capacity which will help you to clean more area.

Also, there are more features and attachments in Upright vacuums which helps you to clean other areas as well.

You can clean all sizes and shapes of carpets and it will help you to remove the trodden dirt and pet hairs too as well as dirt.

While purchasing the best vacuum for carpets, you also need to look for its cleaning performance, how durable it is, and how well vacuum filters work.

Try to get the vacuum cleaner which comes with HEPA filtration because most of the time carpets attract tiny dust particles that trigger dust allergies.

So HEPA filtration is going to help to remove those tiny dust particles and also it will clean the air too.

HEPA filters can trap all those tiny dust particles and other harmful allergens. So you really need to pick the vacuum with HEPA filtration.

You really need the below features to clean the carpets

  • Strong Suction
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Brushroll turn on/off switch
  • Lightweight

Let’s have a look at these popular vacuum cleaners which are good at carpet cleaning.

1. BISSELL Big Green – Best Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum for carpet

We are kind of sure that you already know the name of Big Green Carpet Cleaner.

Because it’s one of the tops and best carpet cleaner and with its unique features and design it can clean almost all types of carpets.

With its deep scrubbing action, it can clean all the embedded dirt and other debris easily.

BISSELL Big Green is specially made to clean the carpets and with its powerful suction, it sucks all the dirt, dust, debris, etc.

Best thing about this carpet cleaner is, it sprays the carpet with a water formula solution which helps the PowerBrush to scrub, loosen, and remove dirt from the carpet fibers.

After doing that its powerful suction sucks all loosened dirt, along with the solution that was sprayed before. So you will get the clean and new looking carpet.

It comes with two large tanks, to keep the clean and dirty water separate.

Also, it’s 6 inches Tough Stain Tool and 9-foot long hose lets you spray and scrub extra-tough spots like stairs, upholstery, and other soft surfaces where the vacuum can’t reach easily.

Its unique feature allows the vacuum to clean on forward and backward pass, which reduces your cleaning time and also it allows the vacuum to dries faster.

Usually, it takes 1-2 hours to dry the carpet after using the vacuum. But you will get a clean and fresh carpet for sure.

It comes with nice cord length which is 25 foot long so you can cover more area without changing the outlets or using extension cord.

It can clean dirt, dust, and all type of stains easily and its attachment made it easy to clean stairs.

However, it’s not a good vacuum for a two-story house as it’s not a lightweight vacuum if you are looking for one.

In simple words if you are paying to professional carpet cleaners then give BISSELL Big Green a try. We are sure you will not regret it.

For more info click on the check price and reviews button below.

  • Powerful suction
  • Long cord length
  • Useful attachments
  • Big tank capacity (1 gallon)
  • Best for carpeted stairs and upholstery
  • Works best to clean stains
  • It’s heavy

2. Shark Apex DuoClean AX951 – Upright Vacuum For Carpets

best vacuum for pets

If you looking for upright vacuum with HEPA filtration and powerful suction to clean carpets, then Shark AX951 will be the best choice for you.

It comes with good looking design to clean carpet, hardwood floor easily.

With its Lift-Away option, Shark Apex Duoclean allows you to clean all those hard to reach areas like under the furniture.

Jut push the button and the canister will be detached and you are good to go.

It comes with DuoClean Technology which allows the vacuum to deep clean the carpets and bare floors. Also, it’s noise reduction feature makes less noise so your pets will not be scared of it.

Also, there is Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal in this vacuum which traps all the allergens inside the canister and makes it sure they don’t escape.

Shark also added HEPA filters so it will trap all the allergens, pet hair, pollen and dust, so you will get the clean, breathable and allergens free air.

Active Glide Technology makes smooth maneuverability on floors and carpets while maintaining power suction, so it can go anywhere under the furniture, around the furniture, etc.

If you think the vacuum head still can not go under your furniture don’t worry it’s Under Appliance Wand will make it possible to cover all those areas like hard-to-move appliances and furniture.

You can also flip the extension upside down to also clean the underside of appliances. So there is no way dirt will be left even under the appliances.

Best thing is it’s Upright Vacuum which helps you to clean without bending. So if you have a back problem then you are going to love it.

Attachments are really useful and it even allows you to clean the stairs, curtains, pet hair from furniture, and LED Lights on Floor Nozzle makes it possible to see in the dark areas.

  • Powerful suction
  • LED Lights
  • HEPA Filtration and Anti-Allergen Seal
  • Under Appliance Wand
  • Long cord length
  • Canister can be removed for portable cleaning
  • Less noisy
  • Can clean carpet and hardwood floor both
  • It is a heavy vacuum

3. Dyson DC65 – Powerful Upright Vacuum For Carpet

best vacuum cleaner for carpet

Just because of the price we listed the Dyson DC65 on the 3rd point. But we all know Dyson’s vacuums are really worth spending the money.

Dyson DC65 comes with powerful suction which allows it to clean carpet floor as well as hardwood floors too.

Because of its reconfigured brush bar, it can go 25% more deep down into the carpet and clean more embedded dirt as compared to other vacuums.

With the help of Reach Under Tool, you can clean under those hard to move appliance easily.

Also, its soft dusting brush allows you to clean the curtains, flat surfaces, and furniture.

It comes with Tangle-Free Turbine Tool which doesn’t tangle and that tool can be used to clean the pet hair and other hairs as well from the carpets and upholstery.

There are other attachments also with this vacuum-like Stiff Bristle Brush, 2-in-1 Combination Tool + Stair Tool, and Mattress Tool.

With Stiff Bristle Brush you can clean the mud and dried-in dirt so it can clean the ground-in dirt better than other vacuums.

You can also clean the mess from stairs with stair tool and combination tool offers smooth bristles with a powerful crevice tool that is perfect for cleaning in any setting.

Matters tool is specially designed to clean the mattresses and it can clean dirt and allergens from mattresses and upholstery easily.

This product is a little bit costly but it is built to last a long time. You can also clean the corners and edges easily with this vacuum cleaner and you don’t even need to bend coz it is an upright model.

  • Can clean edges
  • Long cord gives a good range of travel
  • Powerful suction
  • Stair tool w/ rotating heads work really well
  • Materials used are good and vacuum can be used a long time
  • Self storing hose & wand
  • Can’t go under furniture. Retractable pole makes much dusting clumsy
  • Expensive
  • Handle needs improvement sometimes bends

4. Miele Complete C3 – Best Canister Vacuum For Carpets

best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

For those who wants a canister vacuum to clean the carpets Miele Complete C3 is the best choice. Because it is specially designed to clean the carpets.

With its powerful suction, you can clean the dirt, dust from the carpets easily.

It comes with 5 stage height adjustable and with its full-sized electric power brush, it can clean anything from your carpets.

You can also adjust the suction according to the floor and carpet type to get better cleaning performance.

With its power on/off switch, you can easily switch the brush roll.

So it can work on the hard floor too, but it gives the best performance on carpets and rugs.

It also has HEPA filters so it can clean the pollen, dust, and other allergens, it will provide you clean and breathable air.

With its electrobrush Miele Complete C3 vacuum goes deep into the carpet and clean all the dirt, dust, pet hair, and other harmful particles.

It comes with built-in tools storage so you can store all the attachments inside the vacuum.

It a lightweight canister vacuum but still you need to carry the canister with you wherever you want to clean.

  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • HEPA filters
  • 5 stage height adjustment
  • Suction can be adjusted too
  • Brush roll power on/off button
  • Expensive
  • It’s canister vacuum so you need to carry the canister everywhere

5. Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum- Bagged Carpet Vacuum

best carpet vacuum

Here comes the bagged vacuum to clean the soft type of carpets.

If you are also facing problems like the vacuum is not moving on your soft carpet then you can go with SoniClean Soft Carpet Vacuum.

It comes with Ultra-Soft brush roll which is specially designed to effectively clean soft style carpets.

It won’t damage the carpet fibers and it will leave clean and well looking groomed carpet behind.

Also Soniclean vacuum uses Sonic Cleaning Technology, mean there is a sonic bar attached on the bottom of the vacuum which vibrates at 200 times per second.

By doing that it dislodges the embedded dirt from the carpet pile and it can easily clean the embedded dirt and ground-in dust.

Because of it’s Patented EZ-Push adjustable vent system, the vacuum can be easily pushed and pull on softer and thicker carpets.

It’s a bagged vacuum so need to buy extra bags for sure. The vacuum comes with a single bag only.

The vacuum uses Soniclean’s patented Seal-Tech hospital-grade HEPA filter bags. These bags can capture particles down to 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. This patented filtration system makes dust disposal easy and hygienic.

The power cord is very long and you won’t face any problem like changing outlets if you want to buy this vacuum.

Its Full Bag indicator light lets you know when to change the filter bag.

  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • HEPA filters
  • Long cord
  • Nice design
  • Sonic vibration provides deep cleaning
  • NO attachments
  • Bagged vacuum so you need to buy bags separately
  • No auto cord rewind

6. Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction

best vacuum for pet hair on carpet

Miele’s another canister vacuum but this one is not expensive vacuum as the previous one mentioned in this list of best vacuum for carpets.

It comes with the switch to change the hardwood floor cleaning or for low-pile carpet cleaning mode.

So it will help you not to hurt your floor while a vacuum and it provides the best cleaning performance on both types of floors.

Miele AirClean filter system, consisting of a genuine Miele dustbag, motor protection filter, and AirClean exhaust filter, ensures maximum Filtration.

Miele C1 Pure Suction allows you to choose between 6 motor speed settings depending on the surface you want to clean.

It comes with 1200 Watt vortex motor which makes the vacuum powerful enough to clean almost every type of carpet.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Great suction
  • 6 suction settings
  • Works on both carpet and hardwood floor
  • Body looks like cheap vacuum

7. iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum for shag carpet

This is the best robot vacuum to clean carpet. You will really love this as it really require less maintenance as compared to other vacuum.

iRobot Roomba 880 comes with AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System which delivers up to 50% more cleaning performance.

With AeroForce technology it ensures that you are going to get deep cleaning on carpets so there is no chance dirt and dust will remain inside the carpet.

There is a ​Virtual Wall Lighthouse beacons included which keeps the robot vacuum cleaner in the first room and after cleaning it will send it to another room and you can use this for up to 3 rooms.

You can select the rooms which you want and keep the vacuum away from the rooms which you don’t want to enter.

A more interesting feature is that it comes with iAdapt Multi-Room navigation sensors which allow the robotic vacuum to navigate your home, to clean around obstacles and it will avoid stairs.

It has also tangle-free extractors that help to avoid jams from hair and other debris.

It provides nearly around 2 hours of cleaning which is really good run time and it that it can cover more area than other vacuums.

Its low profile design allows it to go under the furniture, sofas, beds, kickboards, and home appliance to clean the more dirt which you can not clean easily.

Also, it automatically goes to the charging dock whenever it senses a low battery. You can schedule the cleaning and just relax.

With the help of it’s spinning side brush it can clean the corners and edges too. So in short this is really good robotic vacuum cleaner to spend money on.

  • Easy to store
  • Good battery life
  • Clean carpets
  • Clan corners and edges
  • Automate the cleaning task
  • Able to navigate to the room to room
  • It is loud and expensive too
  • Small dust bin
  • Won’t do good job on rugs

How To Pick The Best Vacuum For Carpets?

It’s easy to buy a vacuum cleaner when there are very fewer options to pick from but the Vacuum industry is very big now and there are hell lots of vacuum for all kinds of places.

So this makes it very confusing to pick the right vacuum for cleaning carpets. But here we tried to share less but the effective vacuum cleaners, so you can easily pick the perfect one.

Still, if you want to learn more about picking the right vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning, then here we are sharing the factors you need to consider while picking the best carpet vacuum for your home.

Cleaning Power

Carpets are not easy to clean because of the fibers and with hands or normal suction you can not deep clean your carpets. So most of the dirt and debris remain inside the carpet and promote bad health in the house.

So make sure to pick a vacuum cleaner which comes with powerful suction and can deep clean the carpets. A vacuum with good cleaning power will clean your carpet in a better way and you won’t face any health-related issue because of your carpets.


This may not be a problem for most of the users but still, it’s a very important factor to consider. If your budget is less then you may not be able to find the perfect vacuum for cleaning your carpet.

But still, some vacuums come within less price range and helps you to clean the carpet. So check and buy according to your budget, so you won’t have to compromise while buying another gadget.


As you are going to move the vacuum over the carpet you need force to do that. But if the vacuum you picked is heavy then you may not be able to clean the carpet better and end up having back pain.

So it is important to check the weight of the vacuum cleaner before buying it. Try to get a vacuum which is not so heavy and thus it will help you to move the vacuum easily on the carpet.


There are chances that you may have mixed types of floors in your house. So picking a vacuum which only cleans the carpet isn’t a wise move. These days vacuum cleaners come with the option to clean all kinds of floors and by adjusting the setting you can clean both carpet or hard floors.

The vacuum comes with a brushroll that can be turned on or off. So while cleaning your hard floor it won’t scratch your floor. And that brushroll will help you to deep clean your carpet and get all the debris and dirt out of it easily.

Cord Length

Also, check if the vacuum comes with a good cord length. The long cord will help you to cover more area without changing the outlets again and again. Also, it’s very irritating to change the outlets again and again while cleaning, so pick a vacuum with good cord length.


Make sure the vacuum you pick comes with additional attachments. It will also help you to clean the above floor areas and stairs. In case if you have carpeted stairs then you can clean them with ease using the attachments.

Also to clean the curtains, sofas, table, etc. you need tools like a crevice tool, pet hair tool, upholstery tool, etc.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best vacuum for carpet?

A vacuum with a brush roll and good suction power is a good vacuum for carpet cleaning. Mostly Upright and canister vacuums comes with strong suction power and brushroll which goes deep down in the carpet and removes the embedded dirt and debris and suck it up. So vacuum with brushroll and good suction power is the best vacuum for carpet.

Can vacuuming too much ruin carpet?

The answer is Yes. If you purchase the wrong vacuum for cleaning carpet then you can end up ruining your carpet and also too much vacuuming damages the carpet.

Can vacuum cleaner clean carpet?

Yes, a vacuum is one of the best and easy ways to clean your carpet. If you are buying a vacuum with good suction power, brushroll and accessories then you can easily clean your carpet.

How often should carpet be vacuumed?

As per the expert cleaning your carpets once or twice a week is enough. Because too much vacuuming will damage your carpet so better to do it twice a week.

Do I need HEPA filters in Vacuum?

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are one of the best to reduce the microscopic particles like pollen, pet dander, and dust particles from your house. It will reduce the allergy-related problems in your house and if anyone in your family got allergies then you should buy a vacuum with HEPA Filters.


So guys these are the best vacuum for carpet and this is the updated list for 2019. However, if we found any other good vacuum which can clean the carpets good enough we will add to the list.

Till then you can check the list above and in our point of view spending money on BISSELL BIG GREEN is really good.

As it is specially designed to clean the carpets, not only sucking the dirt and dust but it can clean the stains from carpets too.

Rest depends on you what type of vacuum you want and what is your budget. If you want a budget-friendly you can check our article on best vacuums under $200.

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  1. I live in Arkansas and recently purchased our first HYLA vacuum (www.hyla-us.com). My children and i have severe allergies and my son has asthma, since using this product we immediately noticed a difference, i thought my home was clean until i vacuumed with the HYLA. I’m truly happy with this product and would recommend it to families who struggle with allergies. I’ve had Hoover vacuums and even a Kirby and i can say this product by far is amazing.

  2. Now this is a perfect updated best carpet vacuums article. I am glad you posted this and helped me to get my best vacuum to clean the carpets in my house.

    Keep doing the good work

  3. A vacuum cleaner should be every carpet owner’s best friend. They help keep your carpet clean and in good condition. Not many people give it that much attention, but a regular vacuuming routine is the best way to keep your carpet properly maintained. Thanks for sharing the list I am going to buy the Bissell one.


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