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Swimming is a relaxing activity for all and it is a great technique to keep yourself relaxed and healthy as well. It is primarily a summer activity and people who enjoy swimming don’t miss out any chance of taking a good swim. In earlier times, one would go to the community swimming center to have a swim, but with the introduction of Intex pools, things became way easier.

Intex swimming pools are portable pools to install in your homes. You can enjoy a swim or relax in the pool whenever you feel like. Intex pools are usually above ground pools and come in different sizes. These pools need to be cleaned timely to ensure that the pool water is fresh and clean.

Picking up leaves from the pool and scrubbing the pool walls and floor with brushes or mops is not an easy job to do with your hands, but with the help of best vacuum for intex pool, you can easily get rid of these debris.

So having an intex pool vacuum cleaner is going to help you to save time and energy. But the problem as usual there are a lot of options to and all are claiming as best vacuum for the Intex pool available in the market. But all these options makes the customer confused and in the end customer end up making wrong choice mostly.

But my friend don’t worry here we are sharing the guide to select the best vacuum for intex pool and with the help of the buyer’s guide you can easily compare all the pool vacuum and pick the right one according to your requirements.

First Check out, our Top picks for Vacuum for Intex Pool

Best Vacuum For Intex Pool

Here are 7 of our best options in vacuum for Intex pools, so don’t hesitate to actually give these a chance.

1. Aquabot X4 In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

intex pool vacuum

This Aquabot model is not only an excellent affordable pool vacuum cleaner but has also been awarded the title of ‘Best Value Robot’ because of it’s features. This model has a 360-degree swivel that prevents the hose from tangling up while the cleaning job is in process. Its top-loading cartridge is quite spacious and has a volume of 190 cubic inches.

Two ultra-fine mesh filtration baskets perform the purification process quite efficiently. This is an intex pool cleaner that fits not only your needs but also any pool shapes and sizes up to a 60-feet and is also highly efficient on energy saving. This product comes with an attached caddy to make the transport of the model easier.

This vacuum uses fewer chemicals during its cleaning operation as well as the strong pumps are capable of circulating 85 GPM of water throughout every operation. It is also programmed with the AutoX Pool Mapping software, which helps it to analyze the pool shape to provide better performance and simultaneously save you time by mapping out the perfect cycle required.

The 4WD traction combined with the micro-brushes ensures that every corner and area of the pool is covered completely, apart from that it also allows 90-degree turns from the pool floor to its walls very easily. It has a top-loading cartridge to store the debris bag with a clear view so that you can monitor when your bag needs a cleanup. The bags can be easily detached from the machine and be cleaned and put back with the least effort.

Also it comes with a smart control panel program which allow you to program your Aquabot X4 to perform hourly and automatic cleanings. Also the panel alerts you when the debris bags need a cleanup making your supervision work a cakewalk.

To add to the list of features in the product- it comes with a rotating micro brush that scrubs the walls and floor of the pool for better cleaning. The machine has a 90-degree floor to wall transmission mechanism which allows it to clean the entire pool sparing you all the physical labor.

The wheels of the machine are compatible with any surface and have non-marring and slip-resistant traits to ensure there is no damage to the walls and floor of the pool.

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  • Advanced filtration feature
  • Time-saving property
  • Less chemical usage
  • 3-year warranty
  • Micro-brushes for efficiency
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Auto-mapping of cleaning cycle
  • Caddy attached
  • Only one brush placed in the center
  • The two baskets can be very space consuming

2. Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner

best pool vacuum

The Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner is an automatic pool cleaning machine that can be customized according to your needs. With all the technology equipped in the device, you can clean the pool area at a surprising speed of 5400 sq. ft per hour.

It has a jet-propelled system in place for an efficient cleaning of your pool and it can assist you in cleaning even on slopes. This feature lets the device clean approximately a 24-feet diameter pool in about just under 1-hour of your time. Being able to remove debris of large size like leaves to very small dirt like algae having a thickness of 2 microns this pool cleaner does it all amazingly.

This product has an internally in-built filtration system with hydro scrubs and vacuums and microfilters that not only clean the floors but the waterline as well. The 19-quart micro filter bag is not just very easy to use but also reusable after cleaning.

Having an entire robot fitted with four wheels improves mobility and also increases the friction between the bot and the titles. Along with that, these wheels can also travel on printed vinyl and breakthrough the ripples quite easily.

The guidance system set up in this model is very easy and helps in cleaning your above ground pool regardless of its shape. These models can save you up to $2500 every year. Since they do not require any hoses or additional attachments and have the ability to operate very smoothly along with being low maintenance, these are very convenient for regular users.

Moreover, it is compatible with both in-ground and above ground pools and can be used on any surface. The product further guarantees reduced maintenance levels by reducing chemical usage, pool filter use, wasting water, and heat loss. Since it is a self continued cleaner it does not require external hoses and pool filters, making it harmless. The product is easy to set up and comes with a 41 feet long rubber cable.

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  • T-Jet provides power washing
  • Up to 75% of annual savings saved
  • Customize it on need
  • Reusable filter bag
  • Easy to set up and user friendly
  • Guidance system that works fast
  • Cables have a tendency of getting tangled up

3. Hayward W3900 Pool Cleaner

best above ground pool vacuum

This Hayward W3900 Pool Cleaner is from Hayward and is a very versatile one. It can be used in not only as above ground pools but also on the in-ground pools. It comes installed with a Smart Drive program patented by the company itself that ensures a quick and thorough cleaning of the pool all by this unique technology.

The water filtration system is quite impressive and provides a balanced water flow through the turbine which results in a smooth and quiet operation. It also makes sure not to mess up your pool floor and thus travels rather gently. This model can be connected to your pool skimmer as well. It’s shaped in the form of a fish, bug, etc which makes it aesthetically pleasing and even fun to own.

You can install the pool cleaner within just 10 minutes without the help of tools and the package arrives at your doorstep with a hose of length 32-feet. There is a Deluxe bumper ring that helps reduce the friction, generated due to the contact between the machine and the floor and it also prevents it from hitting walls or ladders or any other structures inside the pool.

Additionally, this is a suction pool cleaner that can be used by all adults and kids, it also comes in 4 different cartoon character customization. This machine is a suction-side automatic pool cleaner which extracts vacuum power from your swimming pool pump. It picks up debris running from large pebbles and leaves to smallest algae thereby providing a hygienic environment to relax in. The product is very easy to install even with the hose.

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  • Automatic suction cleaning
  • Noiseless process
  • 10 minutes setup time
  • Connect to pool skimmer
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be used for both above ground pools and on-ground pools
  • 32-feet hose length
  • Can make cuts in the pool liner if used carelessly

4. Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

how to vacuum above ground pool

The product is quite effective for cleaning all the above-ground Intex pools but yet it is not quite recommended for Intex pools with soft lining as there is always a chance of the lining getting destroyed. It can function amazingly in even pools with dished-out bottoms and can go up to a dimension of 72 inches.

There is only one part that moves around to avoid complications with flappers or wings on the side and can provide you with an efficient smooth noiseless operation. There is a deflector wheel attached to the model so that it does not accidentally bump into something and prevents it from getting caught or stuck in ladders or corners of the pool.

Unlike some models which may require assembly from scratch, this pool cleaner comes to your hands already assembled and you only need to fit the 32-feet hose that comes along with it to start your operation in just a few simple steps. The functions inbuilt into the system can clean the whole pool even along walls and it is aided by the AG Disk which can also impart a smooth gliding activity on the floor.

There are two valves that can automatically regulate the water flow such as the Flow keeper Valve and the Insta-Skim compact self-adjusting flow control valve. You can also connect it to your skimmer. The simple build and operating steps help define the model as very low maintenance.

The machine needs to be attached to a filter pump with a flow rate of 1600 to 3500 gallons per hour and also connect the inlet connector of the pool with the hose. Precautions have to take before putting this machine to use such as the air pockets have to be removed from the hose for maximum performance.

This machine can pick up large particles but may need external support to pick up on algae. This product is a pressure- side cleaner deriving power from the pressure of the water being pushed back into the pool. A pre-installed brush facilitates scrubbing of the pool to loosen debris and enhance hygiene levels. The filter bags in the machine need to be cleaned timely for smooth functioning.

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  • 32-feet feed hose
  • Noiseless working
  • No flaps to get caught on sides
  • Pre-assembled
  • Two control valves to regulate water flow
  • Easy maintenance
  • Some clogging issues were reported by users

5. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

intex automatic pool cleaner

Being one of the best vacuum for Intex pools this model needs to be fitted with a filter pump having a flow rate that is between 1600 – 3500 GPH. You can attach the pool cleaner with the inlet connector inside the pool and use a hose of 24’7″ dimension for good performance.

This product is exclusively built to be used in above ground pools of sizes up to 72 inches. It has a wheel deflector system which prevents the machine from hitting the walls, ladders, and steps of the pool and thus escape any damage to it.

The machine also has an AG Disc that helps it glide through the pool, around the steps, and up the sides thereby ensuring effective cleanup. More so, the Flowkeeper valve and insta-skim compact adjust flow control mechanism regulating water flow.

The Intex above ground pools can be connected with the model having 1-inch or 0.5-inch hose fittings. Let it be clear that this model will not be compatible with the in-ground pools and shall only be used in the above-ground pools.

Before setting up the whole assembly, you have to make sure that the hose fitting does not have any air pockets, since that could prevent the motor from pumping the water in and thereby reducing the performance of the machine.

Keep in mind that you have to go through the user manual for safe and proper operations without any hindrances. This is a suction pool cleaner that can pick up all the loose dirt and algae floating around in your pool and you can use a hard pool brush to loosen up all the algae sticking to the sides and the floor.

A 2500 GPH pump will do a great job in filtering your pool water, apart from that you have to get the chemical balance of the model just right.

This product has only one moving part which is the diaphragm, eliminating any need for gears, drivers, wheels, etc, thus reducing maintenance costs and making it easy to use. To impress the customers more, it is easy to install and has a simple configuration for use.

Its noiseless technology reduces noise pollution. This machine is a suction-side pool cleaner. The machine directly connects to the pool’s pump system and skimmer to derive power.

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  • Powerful suction cleaner
  • Low maintenance required
  • A flow rate of 1600-3500 GPH
  • Cleans in an hour
  • Not compatible with the 2019 Intex pool

6. POOL ROVER S2 40 Robot Pool Cleaner

intex above ground pool vacuum

The Pool Rover is a robotic pool cleaner that can be used in pools of all shapes and those having surfaces up to 40-feet. More than the in-ground pools, these models are far more ideal to work with the above-ground pools. It can spread out to various areas and clear up almost every nook and cranny available to clean inside the pool.

It has the top access to filter media and allows 80-85 gallons of water to be filtered by the process every minute. The cable can be swiveled easily for operations since it’s kink-free and 40 inches long.

The mechanical properties of the product allow it to clean the floor of the pool and the walls partially. That makes your work easier. It has a top access filter cartridge to capture the debris.

This model has a rather sleek design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows you to maneuver through the pool pretty easily. The model comes fitted on top of four wheels for mobility and they have a good grip beneath for a stronghold onto surfaces.

The filter bags present inside are easy to remove, clean, and reinstall not to mention the entire machine is washable and reusable. It just needs to be plugged in and operated smoothly as well as it’s very gentle over soft surfaces and takes care in avoiding tear to your floor material of the pool.

The water circulation mechanism is so good, it reduces chemical usage and also saves you a lot of energy. Moreover, it utilizes the Hydro robotic technology that drives the machine through the pool with the force of water. This reduces the use of motors thereby reducing maintenance costs.

To ensure the safety of the pool floor and walls, the product has non-marring wheels that prevent any damage to the pool. The Pool Rover comes with a 1-year warranty period.

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  • Perfect for above ground pools
  • Compatible for all shapes
  • 85-gallons of water filtered per minute
  • EZ swivel cable
  • Sleek design
  • Filter bags can get sucked into the motor sometimes

7. Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Pools

how to vacuum an above ground pool

The Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Pools is a product directly from Intex and it does a pretty good job in cleaning your pool without much effort. This compact structured vacuum cleans guarantees pool cleaning with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

To make this work efficiently the model requires a filter pump that can pump water at a rate between 1600-4000 GPH. The features incorporated let the pool cleaner work automatically in the reverse direction as well, hence resulting in cleaning the entire pool in a very less time.

This is a product best fit for pools having a 24-feet diameter since the hose is of the same length. This model uses a process called venturi suction for a cleaner and devoid of the debris pool bottom.

It also has troubleshooting options that make sure that the filter pump is turned off and so on. While storing the product make sure that the hoses are placed vertically and that the entire assembly has been dry before use. It is a common mistake to think that it works with suction but as a matter of fact it works with pressurized water.

The product comes with a small brush attached beneath a cleaner base that loosens and weeps the dirt from the floor to facilitate cleaning. The product is exclusively designed to clean Intex above ground pools only. Moreover, the filter debris bag needs to rinsed and cleaned regularly to maintain the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

This product is a pressure-side cleaner that means that it works on the pressure of the water pumped back into the pool. Moreover, its auto-reverse mechanism ensures you proper cleaning of the Intex pool.

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  • 1600-4000 GPH flow rate
  • Automatically reverses direction
  • 24 feet 7-inch hose come with the package
  • Uses venturi suction
  • Automatic operation
  • Directly given and recommended by Intex
  • It can be very time consuming to work

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some of the important things you need to consider before jumping into buying a intex pool vacuum cleaner even if you are a beginner or a regular user. Since Intex pools are very particular about the type of above ground pool cleaner you can employ, make sure to learn more about their specifications so that you have a clear idea of what you are getting into.

Company recommended:

Even though your above ground pool comes with a warranty period, it can only be followed through if you use the products they recommend to be compatible with these Intex pools. There are special listing on the vacuum cleaners you can use and only these shall be employed in the process of cleaning your Intex above ground pools. It isn’t necessary to follow this if you are not worried about the warranty or replacement of the Intex pool.


There are mainly three main types of Intex pool vacuum cleaners that are used frequently. They can be classified into suction, robotic, and handheld.

Suction type pool cleaner: These are typically built with flanges on its sides for wider and efficient coverage of the pool area. They move around the pool on their own along the walls and floor and sucks up all the leftover debris and dirt particles. The water is pulled along with this process and is filtered through the filter part fitted along with the long pipes and is pumped out again after filtering. They work depending upon the amount of suction they can offer to the operation and the clean water pumped out will be collected on one side and shall not mix with the other part. The strong suction feature allows the vacuum to travel into the bottom corners of the pool and do a really good job of sucking up even the smallest particles there.

Robotic pool cleaners: These robotic pool cleaners are quite expensive in the market as they come with their own specific power source and also they are fully automatic in case of functions and operations. These do not require any filters or hoses to work, but rather all the dirt and debris are all collected into a single unit that prevents it from causing any harm to the normal operations of the machine inside the pool. You can also time these cleaners to fit your needs and they can also be extra costly performance-wise as they use up electricity while working. But if you need a very hassle-free and simply operating pool cleaner, this is the one you can buy.

Handheld pool cleaners: Working just opposite to how the other two types of cleaners work they have to be operated by you manually. Instead of getting wet by being submerged in the pool, you can hold these attached to the end of long poles and do your work covering the entire area inside the pool. Make sure these are lightweight or being heavy beats the purpose of it being handheld. These models also allow you to get to those parts of the pool which may need a little extra attention which cannot be programmed into the robotic or other automatic types.


An Intex pool vacuum cleaner comes with two options of being cordless or that of having a long cord. The necessity of the pool cleaner cord will always depend on the size of the above-ground pool you own or plan to clean. For large size pools, it is recommended to go with an Intex pool cleaner having a long cord trailing behind so that you don’t have to be worried about low suction power as the cord will keep it covered for you. Whereas for people with small above ground pools, you can always go for these cordless automatic or manual ones that do work quite efficiently in a small given area. Make sure that you are satisfied with the battery life of the cordless units at the time of purchase itself.

Size of pool:

Pool size is a determining factor if the product you choose is fitting or compatible with the pool you have. Certain products have distinct hose and cables which restrict their flexibility of being used in all sizes of pools. For eg., a hose of 24ft can clean a pool efficiently whose size if a maximum of 24ft diameter. If the pool is bigger than that it might not be able to deliver maximum performance thus defeating its purpose. On the other hand, few products are well built enough to be compatible with all pool sizes. This is achieved either by having extra hoses that can be attached and detached as per the pool’s size or in some cases, the vacuum cleaner is free of any such hose and has an all total different working mechanism.

User friendly:

Being user friendly is one of the most important aspects of these models. Make sure the build is lightweight as mentioned before or else in the long run it can adversely affect your back and muscles, resulting in soreness and pain. There are Intex pool vacuum cleaners with easy-to-operate mechanisms like the robotic cleaner type, and these reduce your troubles by doing every function on their own. On the other hand, lightweight handheld ones can also offer great support and reach-ability into all the nooks and corners. But on the downside, these lightweight Intex pool cleaners are also said to destroy your pool liners hence proceed with caution in that case.


The performance of your Intex pool cleaner can depend on a variety of facts. One of these factors maybe the size of the cleaner. The smaller the cleaner would be the best it can perform by getting into the corners and doing a thorough cleaning there. Even if you were to get a larger one, you have to make sure that there are good bristles and rubbing action to them fitted along with the model so that all the dirt can be thoroughly rubbed off. For automatic Intex pool vacuum cleaners, it would be great to have a strong rubber grip beneath the machine so that they can climb the walls and travel on the floor with ease. You have to make sure that all these specifications are met while purchasing the item, and it can be easily known by referring to the product links given along with the article.


it might astonish you but brushes form a very integral part of the cleaning procedure. Algae, mud, slime may stick up to the walls at times and can get difficult to be put out just by the suction pumps. In such a situation, brushes help to scrub off and loosen the dust particles and algae. Now, these loosened up debris is easily collected by the vacuum cleaner’s suction tactics. If your chosen product does not have a brush, you may have to manually scrub the entire pool which means, lot of physical labor. The question arises if you are buying a machine just to keep your pool clean why would you want to work on it otherwise? Thus, always consider a product that has a good brush installed within it. This will guarantee to utmost cleanliness and hygiene of the pool and thereby good for your health.

Suction power:

Suction power of a product determines how much water the vacuum cleaner can process, filter and clean at one go and how much power does it require for the same. This feature will determine how fast the product can clean the pool and also how power consumption or power-saving can the product be.

Wear and tear safety measures:

There is always a risk of the pool suffering wear and tear while cleaning. This is because the vacuum cleans require high pressure to suck the debris into the debris bag and at that time, it may tear off the surface or walls of the swimming pool. Thus features like- tear-resistant hoses, non-marring wheels, PVC safeguarded use, bumper protection, wheel deflector systems, etc should be looked out for in a product. These features ensure the security of the pool and make the product more accountable and credible. Therefore, to not face any losses of wear and tear of the pool buy safety guarded vacuum cleaners. An important pointer should be that focusing on safety does not mean compromising on the performance of the cleaner.

Set up:

Regardless of being a beginner or a well-known user the instruction and steps to set up the Intex vacuum cleaner should be pretty easy. Some may take long hours to set up when it has many cables and pumps while for the cordless and automatic ones they just need battery inserted and viola, your device is up and running smoothly. Some require additional programming and some come with a predefined set of instructions. You can use the easy setup ones but they may not be able to be tweaked according to your likes and convenience. Being able to maintain your device easily will also come under this category.

Filtration system:

A good filtration system is one that has a good capacity to hold debris and filter them so that it is easier to clean up the debris bags. A filtration system can be either bag or bag-less. A bagged system has a bag which collects debris and that can be later picked out of the machine and cleaned. A bag-less filtration system collects the debris in a trap and transports them to some area within the machine from where it can be cleaned out later. Another pointer you might want to check for is how often do you have to clean the bag because that will determine how much supervision the vacuum cleaner requires


The Intex pool cleaners will come with a long cord and as much as they can float on top of your pool, it will also pose a chance that they might get tangled up. For this, there are hoses made especially not to tangle but on the downside, they are also very rigid so that sometimes these can hold back your device from functioning and traveling long distances, but would make a perfect fit for small pools.


This article on the best vacuum for Intex pools presents you with a variety of products with different specifications. These products have been manufactured prioritizing your hygiene by keeping the swimming pool clean and bacteria-free. Their designs and nature spare you from the job of supervising their every move and gives you more time to focus on other things whilst it cleans the pool.

It is advised that you go through the buyer’s guide so that you can choose the best product among the presented options and have a gleeful and safe summer at the pool. Have a happy shopping and enjoy your clean pool for the summer!

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