Bissell 1831 vs 9595A – Which One Is Better?

By Floor Advisor Team

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BISSELL knows how to create the best vacuum cleaners to provide the value to it’s customers. From many years they are providing the vacuums with strong suction, HEPA filtration and the best features.

Company made two vacuum Bissell 1831 and Bissell 9595a which shares almost same features. That’s the reason BISSELL 1831 vs 9595A happening. People are comparing both the vacuums and trying to find the best one.

Both are best vacuums under $100 and both provides the best value to the customers. Bissell 9595A was in the market before BISSELL 1831 come in the field.

Bissell 9595a served so many people and now Bissell 1831 doing the same. Still people are comparing them to spend the money on the best one.

Both bagless vacuum comes with HEPA filtration and powerful suction and gives the OnePass cleaning.

So no matter which vacuum you choose you are going to get the quality vacuum.

But still we are sharing our views on Bissell 9595a vs 1831 and hope you will find your answer in this comparison.

BISSELL 1831 vs 9595A

Well it’s normal to getting confused between these two products, both products are made of good quality and comes with premium features in less price.

Bissell is well known company and 90 out of 100 suggest bissell vacuums when it comes to budget and satisfaction.

We can call Bissell 1831 and 9595a siblings and the below comparison will clear the confusion between these two vacuums.


Bissell 9595A comes in black and purple color combination and Bissell 1831 in black and orange combination.

Looks and color wise both vacuums looks really great and they won’t hurt your eyes.

Both vacuums are bagless and the body is really good. Both vacuums are very similar as per the looks but there is little bit difference on the floor nozzle.

In Bissell 9595a the brush roll is not visible but in Bissell 1831 the brush roll is visible and you can see it moving while cleaning.

Design wise both both vacuums looks classy and premium quality. Both are upright vacuum cleaners and shape is almost similar.

You can clean in standing position position using the both vacuum cleaners. There is no need to bend while cleaning with any of these vacuum cleaners.

Size and Weight

In the size both Bissell 1831 and 9595a are same but in the weight there is little bit difference.

Bissell 1831’s weight is 15.6 lbs and Bissell 9595a weight is 15 lbs. No doubt both are not the most lightweight vacuums but still they can be moved around the house without using much power.

There are many options if you are looking for specially lightweight vacuums but due to the wheels you can move these two vacuums easily. So there won’t be any problem with the weight of these vacuums.

Cord and Bin Capacity

Cord length in both vacuums is similar, Both comes with 25 ft. long cord. So you can clean the big rooms easily without changing the outlets.

Also both vacuums shares the same dirt bin capacity.

Both comes with 2.0 ltrs. of bin capacity, so you can clean more area in one go without emptying the dirt bin again and again.


Now that is where you can see a difference between Bissell 1831 vs 9595a.

Bissell 9595A comes with 12 Amps motor and Bissell 1831 is using 8 Amps. So this is a noticeable difference in these two vacuums.

12 amps means it can create strong suction by using more power. So Bissell 9595a is going to suck more dust and debris on initial pass.

Bissell 1831 is powered by 8 amp motor with perfect design to get the powerful suction. It also shows the great performance to pick the most of the dirt and dust in less passes.

More the power, more the dust and dirt will vacuum pick so Bissell 9595a is winning here.

But because of latest technology and the latest design of motor Bissell 1831 gives almost same performance like Bissell 9595A.


Bissell 9595a uses OnePass technology to suck up the dirt, dust and other particles in one pass. Bissell 1831 also comes with OnePass technology so there is no difference in these vacuums.

There is no HEPA filtration in these vacuums but both vacuums comes with Multi-Level Filtration system. Which works really good to keep the dirt and dust inside the vacuum.

The multi cyclonic suction helps both the vacuum to make long lasting suction and it keeps the dirt where it belongs in the bin.

Bissell 9595a and 1831 both comes with rotating brush which is able to deep clean the carpets. But Bissell said Bissell 1831 is using new brushroll as per updated OnePass technology. So it can pick the dirt, dust and pet hair better.

Both comes with same attachments Turbo Brush Tool, Dusting Brush Tool, Crevice Tool and Extension Wand.

Both vacuums uses washable filters so they can serve you for long time. Both are bagless vacuums so there is no need to spend the money on bags again and again.

Because of OnePass Technology and Mutli Cyclonic Suction both vacuums are able to create strong suction. So they are gonna pick the dust and dirt very easily in one or very few passes.

These two vacuums can pick all the embedded dirt from your carpet and also pick the hairs from all areas. You can use the attachments to pick the dirt and hair from furniture, sofas, curtain etc.

HEPA filtration is really good but the Multi-Level filtration also do the great job to keep the dirt inside and keep the air clean and breathable.

With 6 ft. hose length you can easily clean the hard to reach areas like stairs and walls etc.

For hard floors these vacuum may not work as per your exceptions but with the extension wand and other tools you can pick the dirt from hard floors too.

There is no brush roll switch to turn it on or off, but still these vacuums can pick the dirt from hard floor. Not perfectly still it’s better than nothing.


Now there is difference between Bissell 1831 and Bissell 9595a. Both vacuums are best and people believed in Bissell 9595a from a along time and you can verify that it got over 16 thousand customer reviews on Amazon, and this is really a big deal.

Also, Bissell 1831 was launched recently and it managed to get over 8 thousand customer reviews, so it is also working for people and they are loving it.

Both Bissell 9595a and Bissell 1831 are one of the best vacuums under 100 and you will love the performance of these vacuums. If you are ready then click below links to check the price of these amazing upright vacuum cleaners.


Now it comes to select the perfect one and the best one.

Well in our opinion both are beasts according to there price and features and both provides the value to the users.

Both shares almost same features and design too, but there is difference in color and motor.

But this is not helping as you want to pick one, you can’t buy both and why would you.

Well Bissell 9595a is best choice because of features, weight, design and performance.

It comes with powerful motor. lightweight design and so many users are already using it without any problem.

Bissell 1831 comes with latest technology and different color. It is powered by 8 Amp motor which is less than 12 amp motor.

But as you know design of motor, condition of filters, nozzle and hose design and vacuum maintenance also plays a major role in suction power.

So Bissell 1831 provides the same kind of performance like Bissell 9595a.

Still our choice is BISSELL 9595A but other model is also not bad if you want to try something new.

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