Can You Paint Vinyl Floors – If Yes Then How?

By Floor Advisor Team

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Vinyl floors make you want to love and hate them at the same time. They are inexpensive, provide easy installation, and are also available in various different colours that can suit the style and design of your room. But when it comes to redecorating, it’ll make you go through a tedious amount of work to a point where you’ll end up exhausted and not wanting vinyl floors ever again.

A quick solution to the problem of maintenance is to paint your vinyl floor, which will also save your wallet, give your floor a nice, rich look and help you get rid of burdensome labour.

The question arises, ‘Can you paint vinyl floors?’ This question has been there for a long time, and the experts always recommend against it because the surface doesn’t bond well with the paint, and even if it does, it’ll probably wear off soon. But it’s not impossible, and the answer is yes, we can paint vinyl floors.

So, let’s get on with it and take you through all the steps.

What are the tools and materials required for painting vinyl floors?

Things you’ll need-


  • Sandpaper, sander machine or a pole sander
  • Paint roller
  • Brushes
  • Clean cloth


  • Porch and floor paint required to cover the area
  • Latex primer – same you would use on walls
  • Painters tape
  • Liquid Deglosser
  • Caulk to repair floors

What is the process of painting Vinyl Floors?


Can vinyl be painted?

Get all your materials ready. Before getting into action, decide how you’re going to do it? Will you go for a single colour or multiple colours for patterns or you’re going to paint with a stencil.

Clearing out

How to Paint Vinyl Floors So They Stay Painted

The next thing you’re going to do is clear the room you’re planning to paint. This might be an annoying job, as you have to take out all your furniture and start cleaning, which will probably be a mess. Once you’ve freed your room, power vacuum it, clear all the dust and then grab a bucket, a microfiber cloth and clean the entire room to make it dirt-free.


vinyl floor paint home depot

Vinyl floors are slippery and smooth. So it makes it hard for the paint to bond with the floor. To dull its lustre, you’ll have to sand the floor with sandpaper. If it’s too hard for you to do it with your hands, you can use a sander machine. If not, you can also use a sanding pole which is like a floor duster, and sand the floor. Remember to put a lot of pressure to make your floors dull cause it’ll be a big help for your paint to bond. And the more it bonds, the longer it stays.

Get your floor repaired

how to paint over vinyl tiles

If your floor is older and probably has a few holes, gashes, or anything, you might want to repair them before your paint. If you can’t pull out your whole vinyl floor and replace it with a new one for many other reasons, you can always repair and paint it. Because repaired and painted vinyl floors are much better than the unpainted ones with holes. So grab a little bit of caulk, fill your holes, spread it evenly, and make it smooth. Let it dry, and once it dries, clear out the excess with a damp cloth.


how to paint vinyl floors to look like wood

In order to roughen up the floor, even more, we have to use a liquid deglosser. Wear a pair of rubber gloves and eye protection glasses, and then apply the deglosser to the floor carefully with a paint roller. Keep your room highly ventilated to allow as much fresh air as possible and allow the deglosser to dry.

Applying primer

paint for vinyl floors

You’ve got to keep your walls splash-free, right? To avoid getting splashes of paints on walls or trim, make sure you protect them with painters tape. Once you’re done, apply standard wall primer on the floor using a roller or a brush. You can try applying another coat once your first coat dries. It might take quite a long time to dry, so you can try applying it in the evening and let it dry overnight.

And finally, painting

How to Paint Vinyl Flooring

Decide what colours you’re going to use and if you’re going to create patterns and designs, make sure to stick your painters’ tape accordingly so that you don’t make a mess.

And while choosing the paint, select the ones that’ll withstand all the troubles that you’ll put it through. It has to bear your stomping feet, dragged furniture, and all the spills and stains.

Before you start painting the whole floor, to make sure your paint gives you the result you intended, try painting on a particular part of the floor in a corner and wait for the results. Once you know you’re okay with it, start painting. And when you do, start from a corner or the wall opposite the entrance so that you don’t end up getting backed up against a corner without a way out.

Painting your floors shouldn’t be that hard cause you can pour the paint, spread it all over with a roller, and have fun. To cover the edges, you might want to use your brushes so that they’ll be easier. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat.

When you’re finally done with all your fishing touches, you can wait for it to dry and remove all the painter tapes. Then, you can reset all your furniture and sit back and admire your work.

Final Say

Above is mentioned all the tricks and tactics you need to stick to throughout the process. We hope that you got to know how to paint vinyl floors in a very fun way, hopefully, the whole task will be fun too.

Painting the vinyl floors is such an amazing alternative to bring your dead and worn-out floor to life and that too without having to rob your bank account. So go on, paint your vinyl floors and have fun!

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