How to Choose the Best Bare Floor Vacuum – The Ultimate Guideline

By Floor Advisor Team

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It is rare to see some home with just type of flooring, because these days people uses different type of surfaces to make their home beautiful.

Mostly people use carpets in bedroom and hard floor in kitchen, dining room or bathrooms. Because bathrooms, kitchen and dining room gets messy easily and you need an easy to clean flooring.

Bare floors like tiles, linoleum, wood, laminate concrete can be cleaned easily as compared to carpets. But the best vacuum for carpet may not work same on the bare floors.

It may hurt your floor instead so the key to select the right vacuum is check some things first in the vacuum you are going to pick for your bare floors.

Things like if vacuum comes with soft bristles, can you turn off the brush roll, does the wheels covered with rubber to minimize the risk of scratches etc.

These days vacuum comes with advanced technology features and it may make you confused while selecting the right one. But here with this guide you will be able to pick the best vacuum for bare floor.

We’ve tried our best to mention everything here which makes a perfect vacuum for bare floor, and by following these you can make a good decision. Now lets check what these things are:-

How To Choose Best Bare Floor Vacuum?

Below we are sharing the fact you need to check before making your final call. You need to check these thing first and you will never regret later.

If you have pets in your house then you need vacuum with HEPA filtration so that you can remove the allergens too. Also if you have laminated floor then you need a vacuum which comes with soft brush roll so it won’t damage your floor.

Now check the guide below:-

Vacuum Type

First you need to decide what type of vacuum cleaner will work in your home and suits you best. If you handle Upright vacuum then it will help you to pick almost everything and it will also work on almost all type of floors.

Because these days Upright vacuum comes with brush roll that can be turned off and Upright vacuum provides powerful suction which will perfectly work on bare floors.

You can pick Stick vacuum if you have small house or canister vacuum if you need super strong suction to clean hardwood floor.

If you don’t like cords then you can pick the handheld vacuum but they won’t provide suction like other vacuum. So choice is yours.


Now the next thing which is very important is what kind of filtration vacuum provides. Because pollution is normal these days and it causes skin related and asthma problems.

So if your vacuum comes with filtration system then it will help you to reduce the risk. A HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filter) is essential if you wish to reduce allergens in your home.

HEPA filters are able to trap the dust, dander, pollen and other allergens down to 0.3 microns which is perfect. So check if the vacuum you are picking comes with good filtration system.

Suction Power

If you have tile floor or hardwood floor in your home then you need a vacuum with powerful suction. But still not that powerful which you use on carpets.

Because too much suction can damage your floor, So pick the vacuum wisely. If you want a vacuum for tile floor then you can pick a vacuum which allows to control suction or comes with brushroll that can be turned off.

Good suction power will help you to clean the grout lines where dirt is stuck the most.

Bagged or Bagless

You also make up your mind what kind of vacuum you need. Vacuum that uses bags to store the dirt and dust or vacuum which uses dust container?

If you are picking bagged vacuum then all you need to do is just remove the bag and through it in the dust bin and install the new one. No dirt hands or dirt cloud when you dump the bag, but you need to buy the bags everytime.

But if you buy a bagless vacuum then you need to spend your money on bags, but you need to dump and clean the container. Also sometimes you may create a dust cloud when you dump the dirt and dust in Dust Bin.

Ofcourse you can avoid that cloud by going outside and emptying the container there. Choice is yours.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

A major concern for consumers with hardwood floors is the ability for the vacuum to pick up larger debris e.g. pet food biscuits. The worst vacuums are those that can crush and spray debris out the back rather than up the nozzle.

A guard along the back of the head can be useful but an adjustable height or retractable brushes may be more desirable.

Generally vacuum heads have rotating brushes to pick up dirt and hair. As long as these brushes are kept tangle free from extra long hair then they should not stall and cause issues for vacuuming hard floors and scratching.


If you have hardwood floor in your house then you can check our guide on best vacuum for hardwood floors. We have shared some of the best vacuums here and you won’t need to research too much.

But if you want to clean your tile floor then you can check our other guide about best vacuum for tile floors. You will get some good suggestions here.

We’ve analyzed those vacuums and then added in our list so they won’t let you down.


In the end all we can say it depends on your preferences and floor/house type mainly. Because you know what kind of vacuum will work for you.

You can note down your needs first then it will be easy for you to pick the good vacuum. We have shared the things you need to check before buying a vacuum.

It will help you to pick the vacuum with proper features to clean the bare floor. However choice is still yours and if you need more help then comment below we will help you.

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