How Often Should You Vacuum Your Home?

By Floor Advisor Team

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Vacuum cleaning is necessary, but there are lots of people who find this work less exciting and confusing. The reason may also include questions like when this should be done or how often you require it. The answer depends on the type of carpet and flooring you have.

Also, before you start, it’s important to understand the right process of doing vacuuming. To preserve and protect your carpet as well as floors, you must know the basic points. And here is everything that you want to know right away!

So exactly how often you need it?

To protect the carpets and to maintaining it, a vacuum cleaning is a necessary step to add in your chores. However, understanding the correct time to do it can save time and efforts.

Well, You should vacuum daily, but it depends on the type of carpet and how much traffic certain parts are getting. According to the experts, the traffic lanes must get vacuumed daily, And the complete area should be clean twice a week. 

Places where the traffic is not too much or very less or almost none must clean bi-weekly. The hard floor requires vacuuming at least once a week unless you don’t have a pet. 

In case of pets

These days lots of people have pets, for those people, cleaning is for almost every day. Your pet sheds lots of dander and fleas around your carpets and floors. These things can cause allergies and other health issues. Also, the paws of your pets contain lots of dirt, and you have no idea what they are bringing with them. 

If you have furry friends at your home, then you must vacuum your floors or carpets every day. In case you are running out of time, you can focus on those areas where your pet spends their time or play. 

To get it in a much more simpler way, here is what to remember :

  • Carpeted floors require twice vacuum in a week
  • Hardwood and titles floors need weekly cleaning
  • If you have pets, then the vacuum daily 
  • Average used areas need weekly cleaning
  • High traffic spaces need the vacuum every few days
  • The rugs need twice vacuum in a week

What happens if you don’t vacuum?

The dirt and dust start to ground and spoil the carpets as well as floors. It makes the cleaning difficult and hassle filled. Getting rid of those caked dirt and dust become harder and requires lots of work. Avoiding those can cause a health hazard and also spoil the surroundings. 

The hygiene and interior design experts recommend that people must do vacuum at least once in a week. Delaying or procrastinating the cleaning not just cause the carpets to turn sore to the eyes. Also, This causes allergies and other health issues. 

Bacteria’s like campylobacter and staphylococcus, which mostly get stuck in shoes and enters your house can cause dysentery, pneumonia, etc. Vacuuming makes sure that your home is free from such germs and bacteria so you can stay healthy.

Why do you need to do a vacuum?

Vacuuming might not sound a great idea when you have other works to do. However, vacuuming has lots of benefits and reasons which you should not ignore.

Minimizing the cost: Hiring professional cleaners for vacuuming which should be done at least once in 1 or 2 years is a great idea. However, this is expensive, but vacuuming on your own can cut the chances of the requirement of professionals little longer. 

Clean and safety: Save yourself from awkward moments, especially in the case of the unannounced guest. Keeping your house clean also effects positive and has its psychological impacts. It also keeps the firebrats, moths, and fleas away.

Protection of wool: If you love your carpets and don’t want to let it get eaten by the beetle, then the vacuums are essential. These beetles are also known as woolly bears; they eat the wools and convert it into sugar in their stomach. 

Allergies and infection: Not vacuuming the house causes the airborne, which comes from pollen, latex, mold spores, dust mites, etc. These things can trigger allergic and cause it too. Maintaining your rug and carpets keep these things away.

Benefits you get from vacuuming

Vacuuming your carpets and home regularly can offer more than just a clean house. There are different benefits related to health, psychological, physical, and social. Also, it helps in keeping the surrounding much fresh.

For better health: Regular cleaning and using the vacuum help in preventing different allergies. Those tiny microbes floating around can be a severe threat to asthma patients — these dust attacks on the respiratory system and lead issues like wheezing, coughing, heavy breathing, etc.

For the people who have allergic rhinitis can suffer from coughing, bad cold, runny nose, chest congestion, itchy watery eyes, etc. If you have a pet, then the dander or hair can lead the skin issues and rashes. 

Daily vacuuming keeps all these things away and gives you a fresh, healthy surrounding to breathe.

For better image: Clean afresh looking house can contribute a lot to your social image. It helps in making a better and favorable impression of yours. It also helps in boosting the mood and helping you in relaxing. Vacuuming gives you a feeling of accomplishment, which can be a major help in case you are feeling low or depressed.

How can you do it?

The process requires time, which means you have to focus and avoid rushing. Doing in the wrong direction or not using the needed techniques affect the results. Here are a few points that might keep vacuuming easy for you:

Maintain a routine: If you are waiting until your rugs or carpet to get dirty, then its too long and going to time consuming. The more you delay the vacuuming, the more time you are going to waste on pulling that dirt off.

Not just it will look soiled, but also that caked dirt will take too much effort for deep clean. By maintaining a routine and adding a vacuum in your daily chores saves you from those things.

Time is needed: Speed and time both are essential techniques that play an important role. Just running your vacuum cleaner on the floors doesn’t do the work; you have to understand how the vacuum works first. Go forward and backwards to cover better areas. By this, the debris stick on the floor or carpet gets to loosen up, so the cleaning can be easier.

Clean the vacuum: After you complete the cleaning, make sure you empty the vacuum cleaner too. Keeping your vacuum maintain from inside is important too. 

To perform, the cleaner requires adequate airflow. Also, the bag or canister inside the vacuum must clean. Keep it empty after you are done with the work.

Choose the right one: The market has a massive range of vacuum cleaners. Choosing the one which helps in cleaning without wasting effort and time is crucial. Also, make sure you are aware of type on floors, carpets, etc. in your house. 

The vacuums are available with beaters and non-beaters too. For natural rugs or carpets, require a vacuum cleaner without beaters.

Take extra care of high traffic areas: Certain parts of your house face more traffic than the rest of your spaces. It mostly includes foyers, living rooms, hallways, and mudrooms. 

There is a larger amount of dust and dirt present in these areas. It’s essential to take care of all these high traffic areas, so you don’t have to waste money on calling experts again and again.

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