How To Get Blood Out Of Mattress: Top 10 Methods

By Floor Advisor Team

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Have blood stain on your bed, and all you are wondering is how to get blood out of mattress?

If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. Blood stains on the bed is a pretty common thing that we deal with in our daily lives.

There can be many reasons why your bed has blood stain. Maybe it is because of the menstrual period, a cut or injury or anything.

However, the thing about blood stain is that it makes your bed look pretty bad. Even if you know a bit about blood stains, you already know that cleaning blood stain is not an easy job to do.

So the question is how to get blood out of mattress in the perfect way? Well, this is what I am going to answer in this article.

Sounds great? So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

How To Get Blood Out Of Mattress?

1. Use Borax

how to get blood out of sheets

Borax is one of the best things that you can try to remove blood stains from your mattress. It is the most undervalued cleaning agents out there. And people have been using it to clean things.

Even you can use it to clean mattress stain. To get started with this all you have to do is mix some borax into the water and create a paste.

Once you have the paste, simply spread the paste over the stain so it can penetrate. After that, leave your bed for an hour or two to dry. Then use a brush to remove the dried borax powder.

You have to scrub the spot with a brush. Also, do not forget to use soapy water for the job. After that, you will have to use a dry towel to dab it. And by now, your blood strain should be gone.

Also, in case if you are wondering where you can buy borax acid. Then you can look at the nearest supermarket or shop it from Amazon.

2. Soap and Water

how to get blood out of clothes

Soap and water are one of the most common things that we already have around us. And yes, you can use it to remove blood stains from your bed.

If you are dealing with fresh stains, then using dish wash soap and water can help you to get the blood out of your mattress pretty easily. Usually, stains have a higher chance of getting removed when they are fresh and before they turn into a permanent stain on your mattress.

Also, while cleaning the mattress, make sure to use as less water as possible. As you do not want your mattress to left with moisture. So make sure to use less water and more soap. Plus, make sure to use a dry towel to dab the wet stain. So you can remove any moisture left on your mattress.

Once you are done with all the steps, make sure to dry the moisture out the by laying the mattress outside of your home where it can get direct sunlight. Or you can use a shop vac to suck out the moisture.

3. Bleaching

how to remove blood stains

Bleaching is also one of the best things that you can use to eliminate blood stains. If the blood stains seem to be permanent. Then using bleaching would be the best option.

However, here is a piece of advice before you end up bleaching your mattress. Make sure to test your bleaching agent on a few towels and see how it is reacting.

If it seems to be working, then only proceed with the mattress. You can start by taking a small amount of bleach such as hydrogen peroxide. After that dab the stain with the bleach and scrub the area a little bit.

Also, as you perform all these tasks, make sure to use gloves for your own safety. Once you are done applying bleach on the area, make sure to dry the area with towels that you do not normally use. As they will get discolored because of the bleach.

4. Vacuuming

remove blood stains

If you have a steam vacuum cleaner. Then this is the best thing that you can try out to get rid of blood stains from your bed. Also, the best part of using streaming vacuum cleaner is that it sucks the moisture out along with the blood stain.

Even steaming offers you a better chance of removing the mattress stain. However, the drawback of the method is that it will cost you more than normal cleaning.

If you really want to make the investment. Then let me tell you that it will surely help you to remove blood stains from your bed.

5. Lemon Juice and Salt

how to get blood out of mattress

I am pretty sure you have found people talking about lemon juice and salt. But the question is, does the combination of lemon juice, and salt really works?

Well, the answer is yes, the combination creates a solution to different problems, and cleaning blood stains is one of them.

You must know that lemon has a bleach like effect that can lighten the stains and deodorize the area. So to get started with this, make sure to use lemon juice and salt to create a thick paste.

After that, apply the paste on the affected area and left it for 30 to 60 minutes. After that, sweep it off or vacuum the mattress and use a sponge to rinse it.

However, to get the perfect result, you will have to repeat this procedure a couple of times before the blood stain gets disappeared.

6. Enzyme Cleaner

how to get blood out of fabric

Enzyme cleaners are considered to be a great laundry product. And there are quite a lot of professionals who uses this product.

Among all the enzyme cleaners, the oxygenated enzyme cleaner is considered to be the best one. The thing about the enzyme cleaner is that it can break the stain blocks into molecular structure. (And the rest takes you to the science lecture class. But do not worry, will not be explaining it over here.) In short, you can say that they are great for blood stains.

However, while picking up an enzyme cleaner, you will need to be careful. Although, most of the cleaners are safe on most of the fabric. But it is always good to be careful with what you are doing. To get these details, you can read the manufacturer’s guide.

To get started with the enzyme cleaner, you will need to pour a little bit of it on a towel and pat it on the stained spot. Then leave the bed for an hour to break down the stains.

After that, use a towel or gentle brush to remove the cleaner. Also, use a wet towel to clean the area. Then leave the bed or mattress into direct sunlight and let the moisture go away.

7. Baking Soda

how to remove blood from sheets

Baking soda is one of the most common things that we already have in our home. Even, I am pretty sure that you already know how useful baking soda is.

To get started with it, simply mix baking soda with cold water and apply it over the affected area. Then sprinkle some white vinegar over it.

Then allow it 30 minutes to work on the stain before rinsing. Also, you will need to repeat this method a couple of times before the stain gets removed completely.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide and Cream of Tartar

removing blood stains

Hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar is also a great solution for removing blood stains. You can simply mix both of these things and apply it on the stain.

Then leave the bed to dry. After that, vacuum the spot. Also, you will have to repeat this process a couple of times and see if it is working for you or not.

Also, you must know the fact, this mixture bleaches colored mattresses. So make sure to use it on those mattresses only which has no high colors.

9. Hydrogen Peroxide, Corn Starch, and Salt

how to get period blood out of sheets

Even after all the methods, the stain fails to get away from your bed. Then you have to level up your game.

Instead, of using detergent or salt, what you can do is mix hydrogen peroxide, salt, and cornstarch together to create a solution.

To get started with this, you will need ½ cup of cornstarch and ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, as well as one tablespoon of salt. So you can create a mix.

After that, you will have to apply the mix to the blood stain area. Then use a brush to scrape off excess paste. Also, vacuum the area and see if the blood stains are gone or not.

10. White Vinegar and Water

removing blood stains

In the end, you can use white vinegar and water. White vinegar is one of the most common things that we have in our place. And you can use to deal with the stubborn blood stains.

To get started with this, you will have to make a solution of ¼ cup of white vinegar and water.

Then mix two of the things very well and spray the solution over the blood stains and scrub out the excess solution with a wet cloth. In addition to that, you can sprinkle some baking soda over the area and leave it for some time. After that, clean it off and see if it worked for you or not.

So that was all for your question about how to get blood out of mattress. Now before you go ahead and start working on the methods, let me talk about some questions which will help you to take care of your mattress in a better way. So here we go:

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

How to prevent mattress stains?

If you often see blood stains on your bed because of periods or anything. Then it would be a great idea to use a mattress protector.

Mattress protectors are the improved version of the mattress pads. Simply purchase one for your need, and you will be good to go.

Also, while buying a mattress protector, make sure to buy something that covers the whole mattress. Also, look for a zipper or stretchy sides. However, the mattress protectors with zippers are going to cost you a lot. But yes, it is worth the investment.

When should we replace our mattress?

The average life of a mattress is usually 5 to 10 years. And in case if your mattress has crossed the mark. Then it would be a good idea to get a new mattress for yourself. Also, if it has blood stains, then yes you seriously need to consider getting a new one, instead, of cleaning your existing mattress.

How to make a mattress smell good?

Apart from, cleaning your mattress, making it smell good is also important. You obviously do not want to lie on a stinky bed.

To make your mattress smell good, you can simply add 10-20 drops of essential oils to baking soda to create an effective solution.

After that, simply spray the solution on the stains and leave it for about an hour to make the solution work. As well as the good part is that the essential oils are not only anti-bacterial, but they also leave a refreshing scent behind.

How often should we clean our mattress?

Basically, you must clean your mattress once in two or three months. To clean your mattress, you can use a vacuum cleaner. As it is the best option to do so. Or you can try out other cleaning methods.

Final Words

So that was all for your question. How to get blood out of mattress and some related questions to your mattress. Now it is your call to try these methods out and see how they are working for you. Also, if you have any more questions. Do feel free to leave a comment below.

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