How To Make Laminate Floors Less Slippery – 4 Easiest Way

By Floor Advisor Team

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Laminate floors are an environment-friendly and affordable way of giving a hardwood look to your flooring. They are coated with a clear special-resin coated cellulose to protect the laminate, but that can also be the reason why they can get incredibly sticky. They pose a slipping hazard, so you must take care of this before anything else!

Making laminates safer becomes all the more important when you have older people or pets in the house. Even persons in wheelchairs or with special needs and busy parents are highly prone to slipping on a laminate floor. You could switch the cleaners you use or make more straightforward decor changes like placing rugs, among other things.

We have some tried and tested tips on how to make laminate floors less slippery in an easy-to-read list. Read on.

Ways To Make Laminate Floors Less Slippery

Clean Them Regularly

how to get rid of slippery floors

Like any other floors, laminate floors are prone to getting dirty or watery over time by snowy boots or muddy shoes. Keeping a mop handy to wipe any wet spots, mud, debris, or dirt you notice will significantly help in making the floor less slippery. Don’t clean only as a chore that has to be done once a day or week, but make sure you are prompt when it comes to cleaning spills or dirt from the laminate floor.

If a thin layer of dirt accumulates over the floor, it destabilizes the coated surface and reduces friction. This increases the chances of falls or accidents. So, the general routine for cleaning your laminate floor can be weekly or bi-weekly and must involve thoroughly mopping or vacuuming the surface. If you are using a vacuum cleaner for the job, opt for the soft attachment without the hard beater, so you don’t damage the finish of the laminate tiles.

Another home remedy includes making a solution of one cup of vinegar and two cups of water and mopping the floor with it instead of the standard cleaners. This is extremely helpful in removing any residual wax from the laminate flooring, which might cause stickiness. We recommend you use a microfiber mop and a commercial laminate cleaner. Also, dry mopping helps to remove excess water is a good idea.

Use Anti-Slip

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Some types of laminate flooring are too glossy or hard for just cleaning to reduce its slippery nature. For such laminates, your best bet is to use anti-slip coatings. Such coatings are durable and efficient for both outdoors and indoors. They come in cans and in different types. Always test the spray on a small portion of your laminate floor to make sure it isn’t causing any damage or whether you like the appearance. Allow each coat to dry properly for at least 10 hours or as much time as it says in the directions of use.

Another way of making your laminate floor anti-slip is to use anti-slip finishing. This is pretty much like applying varnish on hardwood floors. Most of them require to be applied as a double coat, so make sure that the first coat isn’t laid on too thick. And if you like it, choose an anti-slip can or finish that comes with a glossy finish. And in the case that you end up using an anti-slip spray, it is advisable to apply only on the parts that are most slippery instead of the whole surface.

Use Rugs, Doormats, And Runners

How do I make my floors less slippery?

If you do not like the finish of anti-slip coatings or have wonderful rugs tucked away somewhere, it is time you put them to good use. Smart placement of rugs, carpets, runners, or doormats in high foot-traffic areas is an easy and reasonably effective way of decreasing the chances of falls.

Doormats are also a way to minimize the amount of dirt, debris, or snow people get inside the house. One extremely important aspect while choosing the rugs is to ensure they have rubber backing. Otherwise, rugs only add to the slipping hazard if not stable themselves. You can even use non-skid pads or carpet/gripping tape to make sure they stay firmly in place.

An Alternative Strategy

 how to make laminate floors less slippery for dogs

Another way to go about reducing the risk of people slipping over on laminate floors is to change the shoes-off policy. Having no shoes on minimizes the friction between you and the floor, so it’s better to have ideal footwear (preferably with a sole with rubber grips) on rather than being shoe-less. If you have already gotten rid of it, we say right on!

Our Take

Laminate floors are durable and easier to install than hardwood floors. Additionally, unlike hardwood floors, you don’t have as many restrictions regarding the kind of cleaners you can use or tedious maintenance routines like regular retouching, waxing, polishing, detergents, etc. Everything about them except that they tend to be slick is excellent. These tips on how to make laminate floors less slippery will help you overcome that.

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