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How to Remove Wax Buildup From Laminate Floors

Suitable flooring can dramatically uplift the look of your home. Laminate flooring is a stylish way of floor decor. They are beautiful, budget-friendly, durable, scratch-resistant, easy to install, and clean and maintain.

With all these qualities, they have effortlessly replaced the hardwood floors. But, problems are bound to happen with any good thing, and laminate flooring is no exception to that. One prevalent problem that laminate flooring faces are wax buildup.

For hardwood flooring, regular waxing plays a crucial role in its upkeep. It adds shine and a glossy feel to hardwood flooring, but it does precisely the opposite in laminate floors. It makes the floor dangerously slippery, collects dirt, and dulls the floor’s finish and shine.

Paste wax, use of floor cleaner containing wax, or oil soap can be the sources of wax on your laminate flooring. Whatever is the cause, the problem of wax buildup is not unsolvable. But you have to embrace yourselves for a labor-intensive task. You might have to use knee pads and spend hours removing the wax.

Nevertheless, the result is going to be worth it. Now check out the ways to remove wax buildup from laminate floors.

How to Remove Wax Buildup From Laminate Floors

Let’s look at the ways to Remove Wax Buildup without damaging the laminate flooring:

1. Scrape the Wax

Before scraping the wax, clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner. Put your Vacuum Cleaner on its highest power and try to remove as much wax as possible. After that, use an ice bag or put some ice into a ziplock bag and place it directly over the wax for a few minutes. Ice will harden the wax.

Once it is hard, it is easier to scrape it. Ensure that the bag is sealed correctly; otherwise, water can leak onto the floor, causing swelling, bubbling, and warps on the floor. To scrape the wax off, Use a plastic scraper. You can also use the pointed surfaces of any card. Don’t use a metal scraper as it might cause scratches on the floor.

2. Soften the Wax

You might want to soften the wax before actually trying to remove it. Use a hairdryer or a blow dryer to soften the wax. Do not use hot water or steam mop as water is the primary enemy of laminate floors. Water might seep into cracks and result in swelling.

3. Use a correct cleaner

The last thing you want while cleaning is more wax buildup. Using the right floor cleaner is essentially important. Carefully check all the ingredients and look for wax. If the wax isn’t present, it is good to use. Prevention is better than the cure. From the very beginning, if you are careful in using the correct cleaners, you might never have to face a wax buildup problem in the first place. Don’t use oil-based cleaning products or the products that guarantee shine and polish; they are bound to contain wax.

Popular floor cleaners like Bona Wood Cleaner, Mop, and Glo, and Rejuvenate guarantee to be safe for laminate floors, but when you read the instructions carefully, you will find that they contain wax.

However, you may use Bona Wood Floor refresher as it doesn’t contain wax and is safe to use on laminate flooring.

4. Use homemade cleaners

No matter how careful you are, you might make a mistake and use a cleaner containing wax. So, it is good to use trusted, homemade cleaners.

  • A DIY method to clean wax is by using vinegar, water, and alcohol.

Mix a cup of white vinegar into a bucket of lukewarm water. You can also add ethanol to it and then use a mop. Ensure that your mop is only slightly wet to avoid water damage on laminate floors.

Use this solution on the floor in small areas. Do not spread it on the whole floor at once.

You need to immediately wipe off and dry the area to avoid the moisture from sitting on the floor for too long and save the protective coating on laminate flooring from abrasion due to excess vinegar.

Vinegar is an excellent remedy to solve the problem of wax buildup. It is a natural cleaner. It not only cleans your laminate floor, restores the shine, disinfects it, and also leaves your house with a clean and fresh odor.

  • Another useful DIY method is:

Take a bucket of lukewarm water.

Mix any mild detergent or a baby shampoo into it. Don’t use an adult shampoo.

Use the mop to clean small areas at a time. Make sure to wring it out thoroughly to ensure that the mop is slightly wet.

  • You can also use baking soda

Which is a mild alkali with a small amount of water.

It dissolves grease and dirt and can also remove the wax. Don’t mix an enormous amount of it as baking soda in excess is abrasive for laminate flooring.

  • Ammonia with little water is a potent cleaning agent.

It easily tackles grease and grime. But make sure to keep your room adequately ventilated while using Ammonia on your floor. Also, never mix ammonia with bleaching powder as it can lead to the evolution of harmful chlorine gas.

  • You can use lemon juice too, to remove wax buildup.
  • Lacquer remover, nail polish remover, paint thinner are also alternative ways to remove wax.

5. Proper cleaning cloth

Use a soft-bristle broom or a soft microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe off the wax.

Don’t use abrasive tools like steel wool. They can lead to scratches on the laminate floors. Also, it is suggested to use a clean white cloth. Do not use a colored material as colored clothes when wet can lead to the transfer of color on the floor.

6. Use Minimum Water

In the process of removing wax build-up, try to use as little water as possible. Water is the prime enemy of laminate floors. It tends to slip into the seams and cracks, resulting in swelling, floor bubbling, warping problems. There is also a chance of growth of molds under the wet laminate floors. Even if you are using a method that requires the slightest amount of water, clean the floor in small sections. Do not spread water on the whole floor. Always make sure to dry the floor immediately.

7. Wipe in one direction

Don’t wipe disorderly. Wipe wax in one direction to remove it. Do not brush back and forth as it will lead to the spreading of wax.

8. Clean the cloth repeatedly.

Be careful in cleaning the cloth which you are using. Using a single cloth repeatedly might lead to more wax and dirt buildup. Do not wash the cleaning cloth you use to remove wax in your washing machine as it can cause a wax buildup there too.

Some of the recommended products to ensure wax-free clean and shine for your floor are:

Method Squirt + Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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It is an all-natural, plant-based biodegradable, cruelty-free, harsh Chemicals free, no-wax formula that comes in an almond-scented solution to fill your floor and home with a nutty, delightful aroma.

It is extremely easy to use. You just need to squirt and mop using a dry cloth or slightly damp cloth. There is no need to rinse. It comes with a shower nozzle spray that covers the floor in fewer sweeps to avoid puddling.

What makes it an excellent choice for your laminate flooring is its no-wax formula and all-natural ingredients composition.

Lundmark High Power Wax Remover, Commercial Strength Floor Wax Stripper

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This product does wonders in removing wax from all kinds of the floor like hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, and also laminated.

To use it, mix one-fourth cup of the product with hot water and use a sponge map to wipe off the floor.

In extreme wax buildup cases, you can also use this product along with a little amount of ammonia to have successful results. It is advisable to use gloves and glasses while using it as the product’s contact with your eyes and skin may irritate.

Better Life Simply Floored Green Floor Cleaner

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It is an excellent, non-toxic, natural, cruelty-free product to clean your laminate floors, which is in a citrus scent. If you have pets or allergies are your concern, this product will be a lifesaver for you. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals that induce allergic reactions. No wax formula makes it a go-to product for your laminate floors.

Final Words

The majority of floor cleaners are for both hardwood and laminate floors, so there is a high probability that they contain wax.

Don’t fall for the description written on any product that says it is safe for laminate floors. Read the ingredients carefully. Try to use tried and tested DIY Solutions as It is always better to be safe than sorry. Follow these simple tips and enjoy the privilege of timeless and ageless laminate flooring in your home.

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