Things in the Living Room That Are Making You Sick

By Floor Advisor Team

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Our living room is one of the most used places in our home. This is where we gather with our family, watch TV, or simply to relax. Even when you have guests at your place, the living room is where all the things happen. But do you know that there are things in the living room that are making you sick?

In case if you are not sure what things are making you sick, then I am going to point out a couple of things. And you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

1. Air Fresheners

Most of us have air fresheners at our home. No matter if its a plug-in air freshener or a spray one. And they are pretty good when it comes to minimizing the odors in your home. Of course, they come pretty handy whenever you get a bad smell. But do you know that they are contributing into indoor air pollution?

Since home fresheners, oils, candles, or anything that minimizes the odor contains chemicals like petroleum distillates, limonene, and others. And these chemicals can make person distress, give headaches and eye irritation.

However, in order to fight against the bad smells, all you can do is open up your doors and windows and let fresh air come in. Or you simply place bowls of baking soda, activated charcoal, or distilled white vinegar around the room to absorb odors.

2. Candles

Just like the air fresheners, candles can also add fragrance and decorative touch to our living room and make it more beautiful. However, as you probably know that most of the candles are made out of paraffin wax, which is produced with petroleum. As a result, it releases chemicals like ketones and benzene, and it can give you an irritation feeling.

However, in the united states, candles are required to have a lead free wicks. But this is not the same case in other countries. However, getting rid of candles is not the only idea that you can do. But you can simply get candles that made of soy or beeswax, along with that look for wicks that do not contain wire or metal.

3. Remote Controls

One thing that you would agree with me is that remote controls are the ones that get most of the human touches. Be it TV remote or AC remote or any other device’s remote control. They are used by all the people in your home, Even by guests.

Also, nobody washes their hands before touching the remote controls. Because most of the people don’t care about that. The thing with remote control and other electronic items like earphones and keyboards is that they attract a lot of bacteria like E.coli and salmonella. So in case if anyone is not well at your place and they touch the remote controls. The other people are also going to get affected by it.

So to keep the remote controls safe from all the gems, make sure to wipe down the remotes each day. To wipe up the remotes, you can use nail polish removers or some cleaning solution.

4. Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum cleaners are one of the essential cleaning tools that we have at our place. It helps us to get rid of all the dust and dirt lying around our home. But are you aware of the fact that the vacuum cleaners can also make you sick?

Well, every time you run a vacuum, some allergens and bacteria get released into the air. Even if you have the older vacuum cleaners which do not come with the cleanable or replaceable filters. Then there is a chance that you are breathing bacteria mixed air.

However, to get rid of this thing, you can purchase a vacuum cleaner that comes with a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA). And after that, change the filter frequently, and you will be good to go.

5. Dust

There is no doubt that dust can make anyone sick. If you are feeling a little heavy in your room, then dust can be the reason. Some research says that nearly 40 pounds of dust get collected each year from an average home.

And the thing with dust is that it contains toxic chemicals which can cause breathing problems. Also, as dust is too small in size, you can see it with your eyes that easily. So you never know if dust exists in your living room or not.

However, in order to keep the dust minimum, you can use a disposable duster that comes with microfibers. It will help in captures dust. So your living room can be dust free.

6. Pets

Do you have pets at your home? If yes, then they can make you sick. Just like the humans, cat also shed microscopic bits of dead skin into the air. And it can cause allergic reactions to some human beings. Even any type of scratch from pets can also inject bacteria into human body. And whenever such thing happens, doctor is your best pal.

They bring a lot of bacteria from the outside too, but getting rid of pets can be a hard thing to do for some. But you can always keep them away from carpeted areas. Or you can clean the floors and carpets regularly.

7. Insects and Pesticides

Insects and pests can also make you sick. And they can carry disease to your home. Cockroaches are one of the common insects that we get to see in our homes, and they can bring different types of bacteria. Even mice can also carry bacteria that can cause several illnesses.

And getting rid of these pests is the top priority. But the chemicals that we use for the job can also create several health problems.

To get rid of it, I would suggest you do pest control at your place. Along with that, you should also take all the precautions.

8. Your Shoes

Your shoes go through different places and environments throughout the day. As a result, it attracts several types of germs that you obviously do not want on your carpet.

And the easiest way to get rid of the germs that come from your shoes is to keep the shoes out of your living room, or home. Mainly this is the reason why most of the people like to keep their shoes outside of their home.

9. Heating and Air Conditioning Vents

Heating and air conditioning vents are something that we all have at our homes. They help us to keep ourselves comfortable throughout the year. However, the HVAC systems can cause a health risk. And the main reason behind this is the improper use and care of the filter.

To stay on the safer side, you must change the filters regularly and the vents should be dusted weekly.

10. Firewood

Do you have a fireplace in your living room? If yes, then you obviously deal with the firewood. And the thing with the firewood is that they can introduce pests to your home. As a result, you will face issues like allergies and respiratory distress.

Getting rid of this issue is not a big deal. You can keep the wood outside until it is needed. Also, you should clean away the fireplace ashes, and you will be good to go.

11. Carpets & Carpeting

Carpets and carpeting are some of the things in your living room that can make you sick. Carpets not just help your room to get a good look. But they are also a good place to chill in the living room. However, the thing with carpets is that they attract a lot of dust and dirt, which gets stuck into the carpet fiber.

Also, the dirty carpets are the home of bacteria and mold. And it can cause you several diseases. To avoid all the issues, you must regularly clean your carpets or perform vacuuming.

12. Curtains

In the end, there are curtains. Just like the carpets, they are also the home of mold and bacteria to live and breed. Also, the railing of the carpet can collect dust and dirt that can be the reason for allergies.

So to get rid of the bacterias, all you can do is use some cleaning solutions and clean up the curtain rod or the railing. Also you should hard clean the curtains, normally your curtain needs a wash once a week.

Final Words:

So those were some of the things in the living room that are making you sick. By paying attention to all these things, you can actually start living in a healthy environment. Also, it will help you to eliminate diseases caused by bacterias and germs. Also, for any suggestions or questions, do comment below.

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