How to Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Smell Good

By Floor Advisor Team

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Vacuums are made to make your home clean and smell good, not worse. But if you avoid keeping your vacuum cleaner clean, then it can make your vacuum and home both smell bad. With the help of a good vacuum, you can clean the dirt, dust, and other debris easily. But if you don’t maintain your vacuum regularly then your vacuum will start doing a mess in your house by spreading the foul smell in your house’s air.

So here we are sharing the best ways to keep your vacuum smell fresh. All you need to do is keep your vacuum cleaner clean from the inside and there are some other ways too, which we are sharing below.

Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Smell Good

It’s really common with the vacuum because of its nature and it is normal, there is nothing wrong with your vacuum. All it needs is the cleaning and good care, as a vacuum is made for cleaning the mess not making the mess. But vacuum too needs cleaning time to time and if you avoid doing so, it starts making a mess like the foul smell and less cleaning performance.

You can easily remove the foul smell from the vacuum and your vacuum cleaner will start smelling good and fresh again. There are certain things to take care of and your vacuum will be good to go:-

1. Clean the vacuum

First of all, you need to clean the vacuum itself. As vacuums are meant for cleaning but as we already told they also need cleaning. So before doing anything other, first clean the vacuum with a cleaning cloth and try to remove all the dust from it.

If your vacuum contains the dust cap then remove it and clean it completely. The dirt inside it can cause a smell problem. If your vacuum uses bags then change the bag after 1-2 months and it’s a washable bag then remove it and wash it.

2. Change the filter

The next step is, change the filters of your vacuum. Filters work to keep the dust, dirt, and allergens out of the air. So filters also get dirty, it is recommended to change the filters after every three to five months to keep your vacuum in good shape. Also, it can also help to remove the bad smell from a vacuum.

3. Check blockages

Disassemble the vacuum and try to find the blockages if your vacuum still smells bad. Try to find the blockages in the vacuum and if you have pets in the house then maybe pet hairs are clogging the intake valves. So, remove the blockages and pet hairs if you find any.

4. Perfume pads

You can insert perfume pads in your vacuum if smelling not gone. All you need to do is buy the perfume pads and don’t forget to choose the scent that appeals to you. Place the pads on the filter as instructed, so whenever you will vacuum, the perfume pad will deliver a pleasant smell into the house air.

5. Check the hose

Sometimes the hose causes this problem too as mostly smells build up inside the hose. So check the hose and make sure it’s in the perfect order.

6. Check the carpets

Carpets are also on the culprit list when it comes to the foul smell. Because when carpet comes in the contact with water, then water can be collected below the carpet surface. Water makes the carpet damp and after sometimes carpet starts to smell bad and it can also cause the foul smell in your vacuum. So check the carpet surface and if you found water then remove it and place the carpet in sunlight for some time. It will make the carpet smell free and your problem will be solved.

7. Add baking soda

In the vacuum bag or debris compartment, you can also add one teaspoon of baking soda. It will work as a smell neutralizer and also bad smell will be gone from your vacuum and house. With the baking soda, you can also add cinnamon, and make it a habit to add both before cleaning.

Warning:- If your vacuum smells hot and mechanical, then it could be a sign that the electrical cord is faulty. There is a difference between simple smell and mechanical smell, you can easily detect it. So if you think it’s a hot and mechanical smell then don’t start the vacuum and call the technician to check the vacuum.

Apart from these facts, the overall quality of the vacuum cleaner also matters. A bad quality vacuum starts smelling after some time, but a good quality vacuum can serve you will without this kind of problem. If you want to buy a new vacuum then check out these best vacuums under $150.

But if you faced the foul smell problem, then use the above tips to make your vacuum cleaner smell fresh and good.

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