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Company iRobot invented and manufactured several Robo vacs or Robotic Vacuum cleaners good for cleaning flooring surfaces (tiles, wood and carpets). Here, we are sharing a comparison between Roomba 650 and Roomba 880.

iRobot’s patented Robovacs, both Roomba 650 and Roomba 880 have several identical cleaning features. They use agitation, brushing and suction as three major cleaning methods.

Both Roomba 650 and Roomba 880 agitate the dirt and debris to loosen it from the flooring surface. Agitation is achieved when embedded dirt and debris is loosened from the flooring surface.

Brushing occurs with the counter-rotating brushes that lift the dirt from the flooring surface. The brushes in Roomba 650 are traditional bristle brushes while brushes in Roomba 880 are rubberised extractors.

Apparently, these latest rubberised extractors are more efficient than those bristle brushes provided in Roomba 650. Also, there are side brushes for cleaning the wall edges and corners. Ultimately, suction is the last stage when the dirt is pulled into the bin.

Roomba 650 suction is weaker than Roomba 880 suction (5 times stronger than Roomba 650). Also, Roomba uses sealed suction channels.

Moreover, Roomba 650 uses Aerovac filtration that removes fine dust and debris particles (not pet’s hair according to some users). Meanwhile, Roomba 880 uses HEPA filtration that removes dirt, debris including allergens.

Both Roomba 650 and Roomba 880 use identical sensing obstacles technologies known as iAdapt v1.0 Navigation. This navigation technology prevents Robovac Roombas to reach dangerous obstacles such as staircases and drop-offs.

Both Robo vacs can be programmed for cleaning the home at any time day or night. This capability is provided in both Roomba 650 and Roomba 880 as scheduling programmes.

When not in use, both Robovacs dock itself to the provided charging base and manage power. While cleaning, if the battery is low, Roomba 650 or Roomba 880 locates its charging base. After reaching there, it automatically recharges the battery until full and resumes cleaning. This feature is excellent for power management.

Weight of Roomba 650 (8 pounds) and Roomba 880 (9 pounds) are convenient for transporting. Although handles are not provided with Roomba 650, it continuously repositions itself without getting stuck. Handles for transporting are provided with Roomba 880.

Roomba 650 is ideal for homes with fewer than two rooms to clean. Homeowners can use the Roomba 650 feature called Virtual Wall programming to prevent it from entering dangerous areas.

On the other hand, Roomba 880 is compatible with bigger homes with several rooms to clean. Roomba 880 comes with Virtual Wall Lighthouse technology. This uses infrared light to programme desired order of cleaning of rooms. Also, this facilitates cleaning three multiple rooms simultaneously.

Roomba 880 has a display screen showing issues it faced while cleaning such as emptying the bin. The Robovac are provided with soft front bumpers. These protect the Robovac from getting damaged when it bumps into furniture or walls.

The remote control provided with Roomba 880 enables homeowners to change schedules and programmes without touching its body. In addition, the remote control enables homeowners to direct Roomba 880 to clean certain areas at any point in time.

Above writing has provided you with an introduction to two transitional iRobot’s Robovac models. There are several similarities and difference between the two types of Roomba models. Obviously, Roomba 650, the older version used aero-force technologies available at the time of its making. Hence, you would find them made of a traditional bristle brush.

Continue reading to understand each robovac, Roomba 650 and Roomba 880.  Both have been separately discussed for homeowners who are interested in purchasing Robotic Vacuum cleaners.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum Review

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

Roomba 650 is an older version of iRobot’s patent Robovac or Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Roomba 650 is used for cleaning the carpeted room, large rooms, small rooms, hardwood floors, tiles and laminated floors.

The Roomba 650 works well in cleaning fibres such as hair, pet fur, lint and fuzz of carpet. Yet, some homeowners with pets have complained Roomba 650 does not remove pet’s hair.

Roomba 650 model has a self-charging home base battery charger that it uses for power management. When not in use, Roomba 650 docks itself to the home base.

When the battery goes low, Roomba 650 locates its home base and automatically recharges till full. It resumes cleaning from the very point it last stopped.

Roomba 650 comes with extra AeroVac filters used for filtration.

Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning is ideal for homeowners having two or fewer rooms. Roomba 650 can be programmed for cleaning only desired and required rooms using Virtual Wall technology.

Also, homeowners can schedule the cleaning programme Roomba 650 should use. It depends entirely on the homeowner on the point to time he/she wishes to clean home.

In addition, the programme allows homeowners to clean seven times a week. Thereby, they have the pleasure of staying in a home always clean and free from dirt and debris.

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Features Of Roomba 650

Smart:- Roomba 650 has a standing height of about 3.6 inches. Thus, Roomba 650 cleans under home furniture. As long as the space is more than 3.6 inches Roomba 650 can be used for cleaning.

Roomba 650 uses iAdapt v1.0 Navigation and a complete suite of sensors. These help it to navigate and sense obstacles. It can reach and clean cluttered areas and underneath the home furniture.

Roomba 650 has cliff-detection sensors preventing it from falling from stairs and dangerous areas.

Simple:- Robovac Roomba 650 is very easy to manoeuvre. Simply by pressing the on button, the Roomba 650 starts doing its cleaning job. Homeowners can programme the vacuum to work seven times a week.

As a result, the customers get satisfaction living in a clean home every single day. When not in use, Roomba 650 returns to its Home Base. When the battery is low, Roomba 650 locates its home base and recharges its battery until full. It resumes cleaning at the very point it had stopped.

Clean:- The cleaning system comprises of three major distinct steps given as follows:

  1. Agitation: Traditional bristle brushes provided with the Roomba 650 loosens embedded debris and dirt.
  2. Brushing: The provided brushes counter-rotate to lift the debris from the flooring surface. Other side brushes are provided and these spin to sweep along the corners and wall edges.
  3. Suctioning: The Robovac uses Aerovac suction to pull the dirt and debris from the flooring surface to the bin
  • Cleans effectively
  • Cleans under furniture
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Hassle free operation
  • Long battery life
  • Detects obstacles well good sensors
  • Can get stuck
  • Misses spots
  • Noisy
  • Pet hair not picked up
  • Small debris bin

iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum Review

iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum

Roomba 880 is a newer version of iRobot’s patent Robovac or Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Roomba 880 is used for cleaning multi-rooms simultaneously.

This Robovac is ideal for cleaning homes with several rooms including carpeted, large and small ones.

The floor surfacing maybe hardwood floors, tiles and laminated and more floors. The Roomba 880 works well in cleaning minute dust and dirt particles including allergens. Thus, home is free from germs causing allergies.

Roomba 880 model has a self-charging home base battery charger that it uses for power management.

Also, Roomba 880 is available with iRobot XLife Battery. This enables users to get more than twice cleaning cycles than previous Roomba series.

Hence, Roomba 880 battery works as extended batteries. This means the battery provides double service before there is a need for its replacement.

When not in use, Roomba 880 docks itself to the charging base. When the battery goes low, Roomba 880 locates its home base and automatically recharges until full. It resumes cleaning from the very point it last stopped. Roomba 880 comes with extra HEPA filters used for filtration.

Homeowners having more than two rooms can use Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum. Homeowners can schedule their desired cleaning programme using Roomba 880 schedule program.

Homeowners can schedule cleaning the home at any point of time during day or night. Homeowners wishing to clean all days of the week can use the facility of cleaning 7 times per week.

Also, Roomba 880 comes with remote controls for programming and scheduling cleaning time. Homeowners do not have to touch the body of Roomba 880. Also, on-demand cleaning can be set for any area and at any time.

Romba 880 uses Virtual Wall Lighthouse technology to set the cleaning programme. Homeowners can use the infrared programme for setting which rooms should be cleaned first and which ones later.

Also, this Virtual Wall Lighthouse enables homeowners to clean three rooms or multi-rooms at the same time.

Roomba 880 comes with a display screen informing the homeowner any issues it has faced during the cleaning process. This could include furniture it may have bumped into, prompt for cleaning the bin that might be full of collected dirt and dust. The bumping against other furniture is prevented with the soft bumpers attached to the front of the Roomba 880.

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Features Of Roomba 880

Smart:- Roomba 880 stands at a height of 3.6 inches clearing most under the furniture spaces. It uses Adapt version 1.0 navigation technologies and sensors to reach under home furniture.

These include beds, tables, chairs, other furniture and curtains. Roomba 880 is provided with special side brushes for cleaning along wall edges.

The suite of sensors provided prevents the Roomba 880 from reaching dangerous places like staircases, loose wires, and other obstacles. When dirt bin is full, the display screen warns homeowner so that necessary action can be taken.

Simple:- Roomba 880 is very easy to control since it is provided with a handle for transportation and has lightweight. It is very easy and simple to start the cleaning process by pressing the button provided.

Homeowners can programme Roomba 880 to clean seven times a week. When not in use, Roomba 880 returns to its Home Base.

When the battery is very low, Roomba 880 automatically locates its Home Base and recharges its battery until full. It resumes its cleaning job where it last left.

Clean:- The cleaning performance is 50% more efficient and 5 times more powerful than previous Roombas including Roomba 650. The cleaning system in Roomba 880 is known as Aero-Force. The three major steps for cleaning have been discussed in details below.

  1. Agitation: Modified rubberised extractors are used in Roomba 880. The older version, Roomba 650 used traditional bristle brushes that were not as efficient as the new brush. This aided in the better loosening of dirt and debris from the flooring surface.
  2. Brushing: Brushing is carried out by rubberised extractors. The modified cleaning component has proved to be more efficient than older methods. The movement of the brushes is in counter-rotate motion to remove most of the dirt from the floor. Additional side brushes are provided for enhanced cleansing of wall edges and corners.
  3. Suctioning: Roomba 880 has a suction power that is five times stronger than the older model Roomba 650. Also, Roomba 880 uses the sealed channel suction method that pulls most of the loosened debris from the floor to the bin.

Little or no Maintenance:- Roomba 880 utilises durable rubberised extractors that are tangle-free. These rubberised extractors are suitable for perfect aero-force extractors.

The rubber threads are used for grabbing dirt and debris. This unique rubberised thread extractor design reduces brush maintenance since hair does not get entangled in them.

Homeowners do not have to spend long hours in cleaning and maintaining the Roomba 880. This Robovac comes with iRobot XLife Battery that allows users to get double service before replacing it.

  • Dirt Detection
  • Excellent cleaning
  • Excellent cleaning system
  • Extended battery life
  • Extra filter included
  • Precise navigation
  • Virtual Wall Lighthouse
  • Warranty on robot and battery
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Pricey
  • Quite noisy

Roomba 650 vs Roomba 880

Thusfar, we have seen in detail about Roomba 650, its functions, features, pros and cons. Also, we have discussed in details about Roomba 880, its functions, pros and cons.

However, it will be good to take a look at the similarities and dissimilarities between these two, to have a clearer understanding.

Here, we have depicted the features comparing the two Robo vacs – Roomba 650 and Roomba 880.


Both Robovac models are iRobot’s patented vacuum cleaners. Both belong to the same Roomba series and have several common features as stated below:

Design is Low-Profile:- Both Robovacs have a standing height of 3.6 inches. This enables both of them to reach the space under furniture for cleaning. Hence, the minimum space under furniture should be 3.6 inches or more.

Dirt Detection:- Both Robovacs detect dirt and debris using the latest optical and acoustic sensors. These technologies help to boost their efficiency.

Cleaning System and Navigation:- Both Robovacs use the three-stage cleaning system. This comprises of agitation, brushing and suction.

During agitation, these Robovacs loosen embedded dirt and debris.

During brushing, these use counter-rotating brushes and lift the debris from the floor surface.

During suction, these Robovacs create a vacuum channel for removing the debris from the floor to the bin.

Additional side brushes clean the wall edges and corners. The same iAdapt Navigation (version 1.0) technologies for sensing obstacles are present in both Robovacs.

Scheduling:- Homeowners can programme both Roomba 650 and Roomba 880 as they want these to function. These cleaners can work up to 7 times per week.

Docking:- Both Roomba 650 and Roomba 880 have independent docking facility to the home base. When its battery level is low, Roomba locates its home base.

After that, it automatically recharges the battery. Once full, Roomba continues cleaning where it last stopped. Also, when not in use, Roomba remains stationed at the Home Base.


As already discussed, both Roomba series vacuum cleaners have common features. However, Roomba 650 is the older version than the newer version Roomba 880.

Obviously, Roomba 880 comes with lots of enhanced and advanced features. Hence, due to its high performance, Roomba 880 is definitely a better model than the earlier made, Roomba 650.

Here are the main features of Roomba 650 vs 880 for your understanding:

Filtration:- Filtration technologies used in Roomba 650 differs from that used in Roomba 880. In Roomba 650 the older and inefficient filters called Aero-Vac filters are used.

Meanwhile,  Roomba 880 uses filters called HEPA that have proved to be more efficient due to its advanced feature. These HEPA filters are health beneficial since these remove even allergens. The later models Roomba 880 are more advanced and efficient than older Roomba 650.

Suction Power:- Compared to weak suction in Roomba 650, Roomba 880 has five times stronger suction power. This is possible because Roomba 880 uses the airflow accelerator. This suction process creates an absolutely sealed channel for vacuuming.

Debris Extraction:- There are two multi-surface brushes provided with Roomba 650. One of the brushes loosens the dirt and the debris. In the meantime, the other brush picks up the already loosened dirt and debris.

Meanwhile, there are rubberised extractors in Roomba 880. These rubberised extractors move freely and extract dirt and debris more effectively and efficiently.

Boundary Marking:- This brand new feature using one of the most recent technologies is offered with both Roomba models. According to the boundary marking technology, the Roombas are prevented from entering dangerous zones of the home. In addition, boundary marking technology enables homeowners to clean several rooms at the same time.

Roomba 650 uses Virtual Walls that can be used for two or fewer rooms. In the meantime, Roomba 880 comes with Virtual Walls accompanied by Lighthouse enabling cleaning of multi-rooms. After incorporating the Virtual Wall Lighthouse, the Company iRobot has overcome several limitations found in previous models such as Roomba 650.

Multi-room Cleaning:- Home-owners having fewer rooms than two for cleaning can buy Roomba 650. Both models offer virtual walls feature for cleaning one room before venturing to the following room.

Comparing the two models, Roomba 650 is unsuitable for multi-roomed homes. Roomba 880 enables homeowners to navigate and clean several rooms at a time.

This is because Roomba 880 comes with Virtual Wall accompanied by Lighthouses feature. Homeowners are provided with the programming facilities that can be extended to simultaneously clean three rooms.

Battery:- The battery provided with the Roomba 650 differs from that provided with the Roomba 880. The runtime of batteries for both Roombas is almost the same.

However, the Roomba 880 uses a newer and improved battery technology. The Roomba 880 uses iRobot’s XLife (Battery with extended life). This battery guarantees twice the capacity of cleaning cycles before it requires changing.

Price:- Older version of Robovac (Roomba 650) has cost price half of the cost price of the newer version (Roomba 880).

Final Words

Above article should help you understand about both Roomba 650 and Roomba 880, their similarities and differences. The information throws light on what is most suitable for your needs.

You get full customer support (Monday through Saturday) via email and phone. Both Roomba models come with a year of warranty that covers repairs and replacement of parts.

iRobot supports and directs the usage of their product and answers all your questions. In general, if you are interested in high performance, then select the Roomba 880. However, if you are on a tight budget then buy the Roomba 650.

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