Sump Pump Stopped Working – What To Do Now?

By Floor Advisor Team

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A machine is a machine so it can stop working anytime sooner or later. No matter how much you take care of it, no doubt someday or once in life it will stop working for sure.

So it is important to learn about that machine for tackling the upcoming problems. Just like other machines, the Sump Pump can stop working too and it is common.

Because it’s a water tool and if the pump is not working for a long time it will stop working. Also, other things like blockage, rust, and leakage, etc. can also cause trouble.

Some other things also cause issues to work sump pump properly, so in this article, we are gonna talk about them.

If your sump pump stopped working too then you need to check this guide. Maybe you will be able to solve the problem by yourself.


Why Sump Pump Fails To Work Properly?

When a working sump pump stops working or turns on, then there are chances that you have a flooded basement. Maybe your sump pump is not that powerful to tackle with too much water.

So to tackling this kind of situation experts suggest installing a high-quality cast-iron submersible sump pump and also a secondary sump pump with battery backup.

Submersible sump pumps are long-lasting and come with self-cooling technology, and they are powerful to handle too much water. So installing a good sump pump with backup in the first place minimizes the chances of failure.

Still, if your sump pump is not working check below:-

1. Major Basement Flooding

If your basement was flooded recently and your sump pump failed to handle that water, then you need professional help.

Remove that standing water as soon as possible as standing water causes so many issues to pump related and also health-related too.

That standing water can permanently damage your foundation and also promote allergens.

So call a professional for help in this situation.

2. Stuck Float Switch

Sump pump depends on the float switch to turn on or off. As whenever water rises to the adjusted level floated switch activates the pump and when the water level goes down the pump turns off.

So if your float switch is stuck then your sump pump will not work properly. When the sump pump works it creates vibrations so the floating switch can get pressed in the side of the sump pit or another stackable place.

Check if it happened in your case then your pump will not work. So if your float switch is stuck, make it unstuck and your pump will start working again.

If this is not your case then maybe your float switch is filled with water as some float switches are hollow. And by the time they get filled with water. So with the weight of water, it fails to rise as it should, so empty the float switch and it will start working again.

Still, if this is not happening in your case check if the float switch is held down by any physical debris. Try to make it smooth as much as possible.

It will make things easy and your pump will start working for sure.

3. Frozen Discharge Pipe

This problem normally comes in cold weather, as by chance any water is left inside the discharge pipe, It will freeze and stop the way out.

Sump pump uses suction to remove the water through pipes from the sump pit when it reaches a certain level. The discharge pipe throws the water away from the house and keeps your basement flood-free.

It is important, discharge pipe must be long enough to release the water a few feet away from your house, so the water can’t find the way back to your house immediately.

But in cold weather, the present water inside the discharge will freeze, and the pump will face physical blockage.

To stop the blockage you need to melt the ice first for that you can use the hairdryer or any other heat kind of thing.

Once you are done with that take the help of the professional to stop that from happening again.

4. Power Issue With Pump

It can be happening with you that the sump pump is not getting proper power. So before performing the above-listed steps try this first.

It really happens most of the time that your pump is not plugged in properly so it will not work. If the pump is plugged in properly then check for the fuse box and also check the cracks in the cable.

Sometimes we use the outlet for other works and forgot to plug the pump again. Maybe it happens in your case too.

If your outlets are not GFCI maybe the fuse on your circuit board is blown. Check for that if it is then replace it and also start using GFCI outlets.

Maybe during the rainstorm, there was no power from the backend, which means the power outage causes the pump to stop. To install a backup battery system to not face the same issue in the future.


In the last, we can say if your sump pump is too old then you need to replace it as soon as possible.

Check the papers and see how many years the owners said it will work. If that time is passed or near then replace the sump pump with a new one.

We hope this guide helped you to solve the problem, if not then please get help from the professional and solve the issue as soon as possible.

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