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Vacuum Cleaners comes in different types, shapes, colors and with different features.

Having so many options makes it quite difficult to pick the best one, specially when you are doing it for the first time.

With so many brands, types and models to choose from, it’s really hard to find the perfect one which suits to your requirements.

Selecting a vacuum depends on it’s intended purpose, as if you need to clean your carpets there is a vacuum for that. If you want to clean pet hair or hardwood floor there is another type of vacuum available. Also what type of house you have, what’s your requirements and how you are going to use it, also depends when you are purchasing the vacuum cleaner.

This article will show you the different types of vacuum cleaner and also the features and uses of those vacuums types. So you can easily pick the vacuum that will really help you to clean the dirt and other debris from your house easily.

Let’s have a look at this Infographic first:-

Different types of vacuum cleaners

Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

So now we are explaining about the different types of vacs below. You can learn about the types and then select the best one according to your requirements and there features.

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaner are most popular vacuum type and they are best suited for the large carpet areas. Upright vacs can be use to clean the thick carpets easily and you can also clean the bare floors with upright vacuum.

These vacuums comes with a suction head and motor is also placed on the same place. The suction power of these type of vacuum is really impressive and it can be used to remove the pet hair and stuck dirt easily.

Upright vacuums comes with big dust capacity and cleaning hose length is also good in upright vacs.

Upright vacuums are not lightweight and this is the only downside. But still some brands are trying to improve the model but pushing and lifting upright vacuum will be not that easy, it needs a little force.

These type of vacuums are designed to work on the different types of surfaces like carpet or hardwood floor, which can be controlled with the help of a button.

Now technology is improved and some upright vacuums can also be transformed into canister or handheld vacuum.

2. Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuums comes with a canister and a long wand or hose attached to it.

These vacs comes in middle of the upright vacuum and stick vacuum and these are lighter then upright model.

These vacuums are best if you want to clean the awkward areas like around the furniture or under the furniture, corners etc.

These type of vacs works best on carpets areas and as well as on bare floors because of powerful motor.

The only downside in these vacs type is, they comes with smaller dust capacity and hose length is also short.

Also canister vacuums are expensive as compared to other vacuum types.

3. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to clean the hard to reach areas people use handheld vacuums. It allows you to clean with just one hand as these type of vacs are light weight and it makes it very handy and easy to use.

Mostly people use handheld vacs in car and to clean the curtains, stairs and in tighter spaces.

Handheld vacuums comes with both corded and cordless versions. It’s a really good choice to buy handheld vacuum if you have a small house.

Also these vacs are under budget and affordable. Downside of these vacs is the suction power is not that good as compared to upright and canister vacs.

4. Robotic Vacuums

If you want to automate the cleaning task or don’t have time to clean then robotic vacuums are best choice for you. There is actually no need of lot of effort to use a robotic vacuum.

As all you have to do is just change the settings and you can schedule the cleaning task. Then robotic vacuum will automatically start taking care of dirt and debris.

Robotic vacuum can freely move around your house and sense the dirt automatically and clean it without your direction.

With the help of robotic vac you can easily save your time and also it can clean the areas where a large vacuum can not reach.

Downside of robotic vacuum is, it’s expensive and things like socks, pet toys, or other small objects can get stuck.

5. Stick Vacuum Cleaners

If you want to reach to the narrow places and need a lightweight vacuum with less amount of suction power, then stick vacuum is what you need.

With stick vacuum you can’t clean the thick carpets as suction power is not that good, but still it’s good for hardwood floor and light carpeting areas.

Stick vacs are not very expensive and also they are easy to carry upstairs or downstairs.

So you can clean the stairs and all narrow places with it and if you have less space to store then it will be a good choice.

6. Wet & Dry Vacuums

These type of vacuums can clean and mop the floor at same time.

They can easily pick the liquid stuff and make the floor as new.

Wet & Dry vacuums are very versatile and they provides powerful suction which picks up nails, screws and other pieces of debris which would destroy other vacuums.

These vacuums can work in both wet and dry vacuum without any problem and these vacuum can be used to remove the dust, or empty a basin of water.

7. Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum cleaner which is also called built-in or ducted is the type of vacuum cleaner appliance is installed into a building as some sort of permanent fixture. (WikiPedia)

Central vacuum system can be installed inside the walls of building with the help of pipes and to clean the dirt and debris you can use the hose which will attached with the pipe.

The pipes will send the dirt to the container which will be installed in the garage or basement depends where you place it.

You can read more about central vacuum system here.

To get the best vacuum all you can do is, first analyze and note down what features you need and what it’s going to clean.

If you have both carpet and hardwood type floor and also pets in your house then upright vacuum will be good choice for you. A simple upright vacuum can also damage your hardwood floor so you can read this Guide To Find the Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors.

Do your research take time and pick the one which is worth to buy. Know your floor and environment and then pick the vacuum according to it. Study what kind of vacuum works on your house floor type. Ensure that you will get the proper cleaned floor while making sure that floor will be protected too.

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